Jacob McNett
Source:  History of Steuben County, IN  (1885) p. 510

Jacob McNett (deceased) was born in Greene County, Ohio, May 21, 1824, and
moved from there with his parents to Logan County, Ohio, in 1827.  The
family came from there to this county in 1846, and settled on Jackson
Prairie, where he remained three years.  He then removed to Lake Gage and
remained a resident of the neighborhood until his death.  At the age of
twenty he experienced religion and united with the M. E. church.  In it he
found a genial home, and labored actively and contributed largely to build
it up.  For twenty years he was one of its leaders and officers.  His
testimony to the goodness of God in his salvation was clear, earnest and
free.  At the age of twenty-one years he was married to Miss Mary Jane Rock,
by Rev. Joseph Lynch.  They were favored with seven children, two of whom
died before him.  Mr. McNett was noted for his frank, outspoken honesty of
heart.  He was a kind neighbor and a reliable friend.  He was naturally
possessed of a strong will and of great physical power and energy, and being
abundantly aided by his excellent wife in life's physical battle, he was
conqueror.  A good farm, with plentiful fields and fruitful orchards,
crowned the labor of his hands.  The pleasant and hopeful condition of his
children, three of whom were married and settled in the neighborhood,
greatly cheered his declining days.