From the 1885 History of Steuben County, IN page 714:

John N. Ousterhoult was born in Richland County, Ohio, in 1825.  His father, John Ousterhoult, was a native of the state of New York, and when a young man went to Richland County, Ohio, where he died in 1825.  John N. lived with his maternal grandfather, Levi Bodley, in Plymouth till sixteen years of age when his grandfather died.  He then began working for farmers by the month.  In 1843 he and an elder brother, James C., came to Steuben County, Indiana, and bought 160 acres of land on Section 9, Salem Township, now owned by John Beigh and Abram Chenoworth.  They came from Ohio with an ox team which proved of great assistance in improving their land.  In the fall of 1849 John N. bought 120 acres on Sections 4 and 8.  In the spring of 1851 he went to Jasper County, Iowa, where he bought 80 acres of land and lived two years, working at his trade, carpenter, the most of the time.  In 1853 he returned to Steuben County, and the following year sold his land in Salem Township, and engaged in sawmilling on Section 14.  He sold his mill in 1857 and bought 60 acres of land on Section 14, Salem Township, where he lived till 1859.  In December, 1859, he bought the farm where he now lives and settled on it the following June.  It was then a wild tract of land but Mr. Ousterhoult has brought it under a good state of cultivation and it is now one of the finest farms in the township, located on the southeast quarter of Section 34, Jackson Township.  Mr. Ousterhoult has been twice married.  His first wife was Nancy Hammond, a native of Ohio, daughter of Samuel Hammond.  She died in 1853 having two children -- Mary A., wife of John Slick, and Samuel E.  He afterward married Sarah Haines, a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1829, daughter of Thomas Haines who came to Steuben County in 1853.  They have six children -- Viola, wife of Adelbert R. Wood; Ralph; Cora E.; Sarah V., wife of George L. DeLong; Lillie M. and Alta G.  Politically Mr. Ousterhoult is a Republican.  He was elected Justice of the Peace of Jackson Township in 1860 and served four years; was elected to the same office in 1878 and is now serving his third term.  During the late war he was an active member of the Flint Legion, an organization whose object was to defend the state from raiders.  He was first lieutenant of this company.  It was organized March 31, 1863, and was not disband until after the close of the war.  Mr. Ousterhoult's residence is what was for many years known as the Block Church, built by the Methodists on Section 3, and used by them and the Presbyterians many years as a house of worship.  Mr. Ousterhoult bought the building in 1860 and removed it to its present location.  This is one of the most interesting relics of pioneer days.