"History of Northeast Indiana, LaGrange, Steuben, Noble and DeKalb Counties"
Vol 2. p. 281

  "DANIEL J. SHANK has spent all his life in Indiana and for nearly forty years has been a resident of Steuben County, and for the past thirty years has been poroprietor of a large and flourishing lumber business in the City of Angola. He grew up around his father's grist mill and acquired a knowledge of the milling business and was connected with milling operations for some years.
  Mr. Shank was born in Adams County, Indiana, April 9, 1849, a son of John R. and Mary (Linzer) Shank. His father was a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and his mother of Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana. John R. Shank went to Ohio in 1841, and soon afterward to Indiana. A miller by trade, he followed his occupation in Adams County for many years, but in 1890 moved to Steuben County and operated a mill at Hamilton for several years. He finally retired to Angola, where he died in 1900, at the age of eighty-two. His wife, who died at the same age, passed away in 1912. John R. Shank was a democrat and a member of the Methodist Church. He and his wife had four children; Michael, who died about 1852; Kansas B., who died in 1865; Daniel J.; and Henry who for a number of years was a druggist in Angola.
  Daniel J. Shank acquired a good public school education in his native county. After several years of work with his father in the milling business he moved to Angola in 1880, and acquired an interest in the local grist mill and lumber yard. In 1887 he bought the lumber yard near the depot, and for over thirty years has supplied the needs of a large surrounding country with lumber and building materials. For about ten years of this time he also sold coal. Mr. Shank has been a director in the Steuben County State Bank for twelve years, and has prosecuted all his business interests with much vigor and corresponding success.
  He has been a member of the City Coucil, is a republican, is affiliated with the Knights of Pythias, and is a member of a very interesting local social club known as the Scavenger Club. This club evidently has strong fraternal ties among its members, since it holds only one stated meeting being on February 2, "ground hog day." Mr. Shank's mother was a devout Methodist, but he is a member of no church. His family are all members of the Christian Church.
  In 1873, at Monroeville, Allen County, Indiana, he married Miss Malinda C. Dague, of that county, though a native of Ohio. Mrs. Shank died January 18, 1918, at the age of sixty-four, after they had been married forty-five years. She was the mother of four children: Emmet E. is associated with his father in the lumber business and by his marriage to Ella Goff has three children, named Adelbert, Editha and Anna Malinda. Nora V. is the wife of Joseph Brokau and has four sons, Austin, John, Richard, and Robert, the last two twins. Myrtle P. is the wife of George G. Niehous and has one child, Mary Malinda. Mildred Mary is the wife of John Bakstad."

Theresa Ferguson