From the 1885 History of Steuben County, IN page 653 & 654:
Almeron Sylvester Sherwood (deceased) was born in Yates County, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1829, and came to this State and county in 1838, when but nine years old, being therefore one of the early settlers and pioneers of this county.  In 1850 he was married to Miss Mary Hasting, by whom he had five children, three of whom preceded Mr. Sherwood to the future world.  Mr. Sherwood's father settled upon the farm which afterward became Almeron's home, and where the latter lived up to the day of his death, with the exception of a few years passed upon another farm a few miles west.
In the fall of 1880, while he was waliking across the public square in Angola, a man driving at a careless and rapid rate ran against him, knocking him down and inflicting such severe injuries in his side and head that he had to be carried from the place.  However, after a few days of confinement, he recovered sufficiently to be able to be up and around again, yet never being free from the effects of the accident; and he very frequently complained of having distressing pain in his head, which, however, no one thought serious.  He appeared as well as usual on Sunday, Nov. 18, walking over the farm with his son William, who had just returned from an extended visit in the West.  He seemed to be quite cheerful and talkative.  The family retired about ten o'clock.  His wife soon heard him making a strange noise, and tried to arouse him, but could not.  She became alarmed and called up the rest of the family, but all efforts to arouse him were in vain.  They summoned their nearest neighbors, but before any could get there he was dead, Nov. 19, 1882.
Mr. Sherwood was a man who possessed a character and reputation which won for him the honor and esteem of all who knew him.  He was especially esteemed as a generous and obliging neighbor; and it is safe to say that no one who was in need ever applied to him for a favor that was not cheerfully granted.