From the "History of Northeast Indiana LaGrange, Steuben, Noble and DeKalb 
Counties" published by The Lewis Publishing Company Chicago and New York 1920 
volume II page 193
  "GEORGE SHUMAKER is one of those fortunate men who have never been 
obligated to go far from home and birthplace to secure their opportunities 
for useful labor in the world. He is living today on the farm where he was 
born in Steuben Township, and for many seasons has helped produce the 
generous crops on a farm that was formerly owned by his father.
  Mr. Shumaker was born November 30, 1876, a son of John and Amanda (Chard) 
Shumaker, the former born in Virginia December 31, 1824, and the latter in 
Ohio in 1833. John Shumaker was a pioneer settler of Steuben County. He came 
to this section of Northeast Indiana a poor man, seeking opportunities to 
better his condition, and his hard work and his ability in handling livestock 
and in all other branches of agriculture brought him a striking success. He 
first settled east of Pleasant Lake four miles, on a farm that he later sold 
to Lewis Fifer. Subsequently he bought the farm occupied by his son, George, 
and lived there until his death in 1887. Besides the 166-acre farm where his 
son George lives he owned 160 acres in Salem Township and another place of 
eighty acres in the same township. He was a democrat in politics and his wife 
was a member of the United Brethren Church. Their children were: Cyrenus, 
born in 1853; Dolly, born in 1855; Sylvester, born in 1858; Elijah, born in 
1870; and George, born in 1876.
  George Shumaker, the youngest of the family, is joint owner with his 
brother Elijah of the old homestead. As a boy he attended the Parsell school, 
and he learned habits of industry from his father. He was about twelve years 
old when his father died, and his share of the inheritance was forty-six 
acres of the homestead. He soon after went to work for himself and 
subsequently rented some of his brother's land. Gradually his efforts have 
borne fruit and he is one of the substantial property owners of Steuben 
County. The substantial house in which he lives was built by his mother after 
his father's death. The barn represents one of Mr. Shumaker's many 
  He is independant in politics and attends the Trinity Reformed Church, of 
which his wife is a member.
  In 1900 Mr. Shumaker married Miss Rosa Parker. She was born in Marshall 
County, Indiana, a daughter of William and Pena Parker, who lived in Steuben 
County for a few years but afterward returned to Marshall County, where her 
father died in 1918. Her mother is still living. Mr. and Mrs. Shumaker have 
three sons, Harry, born March 19, 1901; Oscar, born May 16, 1902; and Ora, 
born September 2, 1905. These boys have all received good advantages both at 
home and in the public schools."

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Theresa Ferguson