From the 1920 History of Northeast Indiana page 256:
Otto Simmons.  Fully eighty years have passed since the Simmons family became identified with Steuben County.  In that time three generations have contributed to the improvement and advancement of this section of Northeast Indiana.  Otto Simmons is a member of the third generation, and is handling the operation of one of the fine farms in Jackson Township, which was developed from a wild estate by his father.
    Mr. Simmons was born on the farm where he is now living August 10, 1880, son of Henry Simmons, who still lives with him, and grandson of Cephus and Lizzie (Churchill) Simmons.  Cephus Simmons was born in Vermont and his wife near Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.  They were married in Vermont and in about 1837 started for the West.  At that time there were no railroads, and they traveled partly by stage and partly by ox-team until they reached Steuben County.  He lived most of his life in Jackson Township and as a mason followed his trade in Salem, Jackson and Millgrove townships.  At the time of his death he owned a farm of forty acres in Jackson Township.  His children were Harriett, Ellen, Henry, Maria, Lucy and Viola.
    Henry Simmons, who was born in Jackson Township October 27, 1840, grew up in the pioneer days, attended local schools and after his marriage secured eighty acres of the present homestead farm.  It was wild and uncleared land, and his first home was a log house.  As he prospered he added more land until he had 110 acres, and all he spent on building improvements represents his investment and labor.  Henry Simmons married Nancy Parker, a daughter of Isaac and Margaret Parker.  They had four children: Philena and Hattie, both of whom died in childhood; Abbie, who is the wife of Oliver Walter; and Otto.
    Otto Simmons secured his education in the Morgan District School of Jackson Township, and from early boyhood has been working on the home farm.  For twenty months he lived on a nearby farm, and with that exception his entire life has been spent on the place developed by his father.  Since 1900 he has been renting the farm and does general farming and stock raising.
    Mr. Simmons married in 1899 Mabel Tubbs, a daughter of Frank and Barbara Tubbs.  They have four children: Wren, born in 1900, is a student of the High School at Flint, Lela, Ania and Frank.