Lewis P. Sisson
Source:  History of Steuben County, IN  (1885) p.842

Lewis P. Sisson was born in Wayne County, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1817.  When he was
nine years old his parents, Sanford and Flavia (West) Sisson, moved to Huron
County, Ohio, where his father died.  His mother died many years later at
the residence of her son Sanford, in Michigan.  Of a family of fourteen
children five are living -- Lewis P.; Arnold, Augustus and Mrs. Emeline
Fowler, in Michigan, and Lucius P., in Huron County, Ohio.   Lewis P.
celebrated his twenty-first birthday by logging, wages, 50 cents, and with
the capital started in life on his own account.  He worked the next four
years by the day, month, or job, generally at chopping and clearing land.
He has chopped the timber from 170 acres of land.  He was married on his
twenty-fifth birthday to Mary F. Gifford, who was born in Tompkins County,
N. Y., May 1, 1816.  She died May 23, 1879.  Their only child, Effie A.,
born July 18, 1849, married John Cole, and died Oct. 18, 1871.  March 30,
1880, Mr. Sisson married Mrs. Catherine (Smith) Strauss, daughter of Dr.
Robert Smith, and widow of Rev. H. F. Adolph Strauss, to whom she was
married Aug. 20, 1863.  Mr. Strauss was born in Germany, April 13, 1819.  He
was a minister of the Lutheran church, located in Union County, Ill.  Three
children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Strauss.  Robert Adolph died in
September, 1865, aged ten and a half months; Joseph N. died in December,
1871, aged five years and four months.  Frederic M. lives with his mother.
Mary A., a daughter of Mr. Strauss by a former marriage, married Oliver
Scotten, and lives in Huntington County, Ind.  Mr. Strauss died Feb. 8,
1868.  Mr. and Mrs. Sisson reside on a farm of the latter on section 2,
Otsego Township.  The farm he owns and where he resided till recently is on
section 35, Scott Township, and was bought in 1849, when he first settled in
the county.  Three brothers of Mr. Sisson -- Foster, Augustus and Henry --
were soldiers in the war for the Union.  His father was a soldier in the war
of 1812.  Mrs. Sisson is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.  In
politics he was originally a Whig but since its organization has affiliated
with the Republican party.