From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

pages 515-516


Hezekiah Smith was born in Connecticut in 1801, a son of Hezekiah and Rebecca (Miner) Smith, also natives of Connecticut.  They had a family of eleven children -- Paul G., died in Norwalk; Theode, wife of B. P. Smith; Nancy, wife of Z. W. Darrow; Rebecca, wife of Daniel Benscotter; Turner M., of Erie County, Ohio; Nehemiah D., died in Iowa; Pattie, deceased, was the wife of William Hurlburt of Connecticut; Hezekiah, Ann M., Henry K. and Emeline are deceased.  Hezekiah Smith remained in his native State till 1844, and then came West and bought eighty acres of wild land in Steuben County.  He cleared his land of grubs and cultivated it, and now has one of the best farms in the county.  His residence and farm buildings are unsurpassed, and his home is the embodiment of comfort and good cheer.  Mr. Smith was married in 1824 to Mary Calkins, daughter of Richard and Eunice Smith Calkins.  To them were born five children -- Ezra A.; Mathew K., deceased; Mark, deceased; Betsey J., widow of Charles Wilder, and Jerome H., deceased.  Mrs. Smith died, and in 1837 Mr. Smith married Marilla Allen, daughter of William and Phoebe (Graves) Allen, her father a native of Connecticut and her mother of Vermont.  Mrs. Smith was born in Portage County, Ohio.  She is one of a family of ten children, viz.:  Ira, Clarissa, Hannah, Lydia, Ethan, Phoebe, Daniel, Marilla, Ruthanna and William.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith have had five children -- Asa, deceased; Alonzo, living on the old homestead, was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion; he married A. J. Miller and has one daughter -- Grace; Phoebe E. is the wife of Jerome Murray, of Dakota; William W., and Marshall V.



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