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CLYDE SPANGLE is owner of two handsome and productive farms in Northeast Indiana, and in every sense of the term is a progressive, up-to-date farmer and a citizen whose name is spoken with respect wherever known.
His home farm in Jackson Township of Steuben County, was the place of his birth.  He first saw the light of day January 3, 1877, and is a son of Henry and Sarah (Metzger) Spangle.  His father was born in Steuben County, New York in 1821, a son of Henry and Mary Spangle. He grew up in Seneca County and at the age of twenty-three came to Indiana, purchasing 160 acres in Jackson Township.  Only six acres had been cleared, and eventually he brought under cultivation 120 acres and placed upon it some exceptional improvements. He died August 16, 1907, and his wife May 29, 1912.  His wife was a daughter of Adam and Mary Metzger, who settle in Jackson Township of Steuben County.  Henry Spangle and wife had two children, Carrie and Clyde.  Carrie who died in June, 1906, was the wife of Jacob Hellinger and she left three children, named Charles, Lucille, and Basil.
Clyde Spangle attended the district schools in Jackson Township, also at Orland, and since he was eighteen years of age has been farming the homestead for himself.  He is owner of 212 1/4 acres of section 6 of Jackson Township, and also has 240 acres in Springfield Township of LaGrange County.  Both farms are improved, with splendid buildings and for years these farms have been notable for the production of good live stock.
December 30, 1903, Mr Spangle married Lizzie M. Marsh, daughter of Chester and Eva (Webb) Marsh.  Her mother was born in Jackson Township in 1859, a daughter of Arthur and Amelia Webb.  Chester Marsh was born in Branch County, Michigan, a son of Ebenezer and Minerva (Gleason) Marsh, and was two years old when his father died and four when his mother pased away.  Soon afterward he was brought to Millgrove Township of Steuben County and with the exception of three years in Michigan has been a resident of Steuben County ever since.  His present home is at Orland.  Mr Marsh had two children, Lizzie M. and Elzie, the latter the wife of Frank Collins.
Mr. and Mrs. Spangle have two children:  Henry, born January 15, 1914; and Evelyn, born March 23, 1909.

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