Charles and Whiting Squires are noted in the Steuben County, Millgrove Twp. web site as settlers before 1840.

DECEMBER 1, 1948

Before the year 1840, Charles P. Squires and his brother Whiting came from New York State and bought a large tract of land in Steuben County, Indiana.  They plotted some of the land into town lots hoping to start a village.  They built a large house either for a home or tavern.  As there were no railroads at that time, or anything to aid in building up a town, the plan was dropped.

On December 21, 1840, Charles P. Squires married Irene Sanders.  In 1850 Grandfather died leaving Grandmother with 5 small children and this large tract of land, which was not under cultivation so brought little income.  As Grandmother said, "we were Land Poor."  So she thought it would be better and cheaper to move from the big house into a smaller one on the estate down on the Pigeon River.

In a few years Grandmother married Shedrick Springer.  They had one stillborn child.  The expense of this family he had married was too much for him and he insisted that she put the children out in an orphanage or in private homes for adoption.  But Grandmother said NO!  If anyone goes out it will be you, and he went.

As she was a practical nurse, she went among the settlers nursing; also sewing, as she was a seamstress or tailoress by trade making men's suits and overcoats.  With what she earned she kept the family together until the children were grown.  The Court divided the estate, Grandmother getting an equal share with the children, which was according to the law of Indiana at that time.

It is hoped that more information can be obtained as to when she went to Nebraska and homesteaded some land.  And when she came to Iowa and lived her remaining days among her children.

Submitted by: Bob Squires