Source: 1880 Combined Atlas of Steuben County, IN p.53

To determine a man's success in life, it is essential to know very many things concerning that life; but, perhaps, the most important of these essentials may be comprehended by two classes, viz.: What effect his life has had on the world; and, what effect it has had on himself. The ability to deal fairly with both, to be neither too lavish nor too miserly, is what makes success in life. In general, no man can be said to have succeeded in the world till he has proved his ability to take care of himself, and has also shown a willingness to lend a hand to the world at large, whenever it was needed. Perhaps, the best school for true success in life is the school of poverty; or, if not of actual want, yet of sufficient lack of means to teach the actual value of money, and to inculcate those ideas of economy and industry so essential to a man, wherever he may be. Among this class may be placed the subject of this sketch, for commencing at the "foot of the ladder," he has worked his way to a success in life worthy of comment. Mr. Tinklepaugh was born in the state of Pennsylvania, July 17, 1834, being the son of Hiram and Margaret English Tinklepaugh. In 1843, his father removed with his family to Indiana; he purchased eighty acres of land on the line of La Grange and Steuben Counties, and commenced farming on it, the subject of this sketch, at that time, being only nine years of age. The childhood of Mr. Tinklepaugh being spent in this way, and in a new country, his educational advantages were of very limited character, though, by earnest effort, he acquired sufficient to transact business well. At the age of eighteen, he left home with but hands and plenty of pluck; having, learned the carpenter's trade of his father, he worked at it most of the time until after his marriage, which took place November 28, 1856, in Sturgis, Mich., where he was joined in wedlock to Miss Mary L. Turner, daughter of Charles and Betsy Turner, who were natives of New York State, and emigrated to La Grange County, Ind., in 1835. In 1857, a short time after his marriage, he purchased forty acres of land and moved on to it, remaining there about three years, when he purchased 200 acres, on which he still lives, having though, sold off 100 acres of it since. Mr. and Mrs. Tinklepaugh have had children as follows, eleven in number, viz., Hiram, Omer, Virgil D. (deceased). Everett (deceased). Effie M., Hattie V., Raymond (deceased), Schuyler, Cyrus (deceased), Sheridan, and Sherman (deceased). At present, besides conducting his farm, he deals largely in agricultural implements. He has a fine a dwelling place as may be found in this part of the state, and is blessed with a wife and family well calculated to make a happy home.