From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

pages 630-631



William Wicoff was born in Wayne County, Ohio, July 25, 1830.  In 1844 his parents, John and Margaret Wicoff, moved to Williams County, Ohio, and from there to Berrien, Mich., in 1864, where his mother died Nov. 21, 1865, aged sixty years.  His father is an active man eighty years of age and is a member of his family.  In 1854 William Wicoff came to Steuben County, Ind., and worked as a farm hand for Martin Eldridge till January, 1856, when he was married to his employer's daughter, Armelia, who was born in New York State, Sept. 30, 1838, and was brought to Steuben County by her parents when three years of age.  Mr. Eldridge entered 160 acres of land from the Government in 1838 and after locating on it improved it rapidly.  After his marriage Mr. Wicoff worked the farm on shares and finally bought it, and to the 160 acres has added till he now owns 293 acres, the most of it under cultivation.  In September, 1864, Mr. Eldridge moved to Angola, where he died in August, 1870, aged fifty-seven years.  His widow survives and lives with her daughter, Mrs. Anna Fitch, of Angola.  To Mr. and Mrs. Wicoff have been born three children -- Willis M., Peter B. and Lovina.  Willis died Feb. 11, 1885, aged nearly twenty-eight years.  He was married in 1880 to Sonora Frost.  In politics Mr. Wicoff is an uncompromising Republican.  Although not an office seeker, he has been elected to several positions of trust in both county and township.  In October, 1874, he was elected Sheriff, and re-elected in 1876.  He has served three terms as Trustee of York Township.  Sept. 30, 1869, he fell into a horsepower attachment of a threshing machine and lost his right leg.  He has always been a prominent citizen of the county and has been identified with all its interests.



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