From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana

pages 848-849


Ephraim B. Williams, the fifth child of Henry R. and Mary Ann (Case) Williams, was born in Orleans County, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1833, and in the fourth year of his age came to Indiana with his parents and settled in Jackson Township, Steuben County.  His mother was in feeble health when they left New York and died of consumption Dec. 2, 1836, the year of their settlement.  Of the family, Hamilton died at the age of ten years; Maria died at the age of twenty years; Wallace is living on the homestead on section 9, this township, and E. B. is the subject of our sketch.  Two years after the mother's death the father married Philura Town, and in 1842 removed to Otsego Township, buying 100 acres on section 9, where he died Oct. 9, 1879, in the eighty-fourth year of his age.  His widow died in 1882, leaving no children.  The youth of Ephraim B. Williams was spent in common with the sons of pioneer farmers, the greater part of the time being devoted to hard work.  His educational advantages though limited were well used and he obtained a practical knowledge of the world and a fair business education.  He remained at home till manhood, and in 1857 married Susan Pearce, a native of Onondaga County, N. Y., daughter of Ora Pearce, an early settler of Steuben County.  He lived the first three years of his married life on section 16, and then moved to his present home on section 17.  His farm contains 160 acres of choice land and his residence and farm buildings are commodious and comfortable.  Every indication of thrift and prosperity is evident, all of which has been acquired by industry and frugality.  His wife died June 15, 1863.  Feb. 18, 1864, he married Martha Cooper, a lady of culture and refinement, a native of Bucks County, Pa., born Aug. 27, 1833, daughter of William and Lucy Cooper, who settled in Richland Township in 1844.  Her father died Sept. 13, 1869, and her mother at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. S. S. Brooks, in 1880.  To Mr. and Mrs. Williams have been born three children -- Alma and Lucy are with their parents; Susie, the youngest, died in 1881, aged eleven years.  In politics Mr. Williams is a Republican.



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