From the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana page 762-763:

Otis Wisel was born in Watertown, N.Y., in 1810, the second son of David Wisel.  The Wisel family was one of the pioneer families of 1836.  Oct. 25, of that year, David and his family, consisting at that time of his wife and three youngest children, and his two eldest sons and their families, settled in Salem Township.  David settled on section 10, entering the southwest quarter from the Government.  David, Jr., entered forty acres of the southeast quarter of section 9, and Otis bought fifty acres of his father.  The father erected a log house and improved twenty acres, living here till his death in 1844.  His family consisted of ten children -- David, Otis, Ira, Phebe and Laura came with him to Indiana.  The others remained in New York, although all came later to Steuben County.  Ira enlisted in the war of the Rebellion in a Wisconsin regiment and died while in the service.  Phoebe married Jacob Higgins and moved to Wisconsin; Laura married Andrew Henry and moved to Lenox, Iowa.  David, Jr., remained in Salem Township till 1852, when he moved to Fillmore County, Minn., where he lived till 1866, when his house was destroyed by a flood and he was drowned.  Otis Wisel improved fifty acres of land, on which he settled, living there till the spring of 1853, when he bought a quarter-section on 22, where he still lives.  He has been a hard working man, and cleared thrity acres of his first purchase.  He owns 160 acres where he lives, 100 acres improved, sixty of which he cleared with his own hands.  He also owns eighty acres of land on section 20.  He was married in New York, to Betsey Van Pelt, a native of Montgomery County, NY, born in 1811.  They have four children -- Otis, Jr.;  Daniel R., born March 9, 1837, was the second child born in Salem Township;  Elizabeth and George.  David Wisel, Sr., father of Otis Wisel, Sr., was born in Rhode Island in 1777, and was the seventh son in the seventh generation of seventh sons, the name of each being David, and all up to this David owned and operated the same foundry in Providence, R.I.