Joseph Martin Zongker

Source: 1880 Atlas of Steuben County, IN p. 53 c.3

Joseph Martin Zongker is the son of Joseph and Maria R. Zongker, and was born April 19, 1818, in Germany. He emigrated to the United States, and came West to make his fortune among the many trials and hardships of a new country. In October 1841, he married Miss Ratena Myers in Seneca County, Ohio, who proved a capable and loving wife and helper in the joys and sorrows of life; by her he had thirteen children, viz., William H. (deceased), Susannah, Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (deceased), David, Joseph, Rosannah, Franklin, Francis (deceased), Peter, and Lavina. Mr. Zongker lived happily with his wife until her death, which occurred February 19, 1875, and was a great loss to her family, as she was a kind and loving mother and had endeared herself to all who knew her. Mr. Zongker settled in Salem Township, Steuben County in 1851, the country was then almost a wilderness, only broken by a few cabins here and there, but he was not afraid of work, and went at it with a will to make a home for himself among the many unpromising surroundings. His exertions proved successful, and the fine residence of today is a proof of what industry and good management will accomplish, even though there by many difficulties to overcome. By occupation a farmer, Mr. Zongker is capable of making almost anything that is constructed of wood, and his ingenuity is shown in the planning of his house and outbuildings, which are among the most convenient in this part of the state. His son David is now running the old place, which consists of 120 acres, five acres having been sold for lots adjoining the town of Hudson, which is quite a lively town. Mr. Zongker is a member of the German Baptist Church, and in politics was formerly a Democrat. His father and mother are both dead. He enjoys good health, and we hope, has many years before him for the enjoyment of his beautiful home, surrounded by his family, to whom he has endeared himself by his kindness and indulgence.