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January 2014

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Elsie Rinehart, age 7
Margie & Elsie Rinehart
1916 Basketball Team
John L. & Bertha Rinehart
George C., Elmer E. & John L. Rinehart
John L. Rinehart (multiple pictures)
Mabel Rinehart
Elmer Rinehart?? and Unknown
Margie Rinehart, age 6
Bertha Shumaker Rinehart (multiple pictures)
Margie Rinehart (1889)
Mark V. Rinehart
Margie E. Rinehart
Fanny or Elizabeth Rinehart??
Hazel Shaughniss (multiple pictures)
Evelyn Whitlock with Grandpa Rinehart
Cassius & Lena Shumaker Zimmer
Weir Zimmer
Lena Shumaker Zimmer
Carey Zimmerman

Bertha and John L. Rinehart & Unknown Couple
Bertha & Sarah Shumaker and Unknowns (multiple pictures)
Eliza J. Shumaker Wolf
Sarah Shumaker Avery
Eliza J. & Bertha Shumaker

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