Thomas Armstrong

Thomas Armstong, farmer, York Township, born in Lawrenceburgh, Ind., in 1817, is a son of Walter and Hannah (KAUTZ) Armstrong, the former of Scotch-Irish and the latter of Holland descent, natives of Ireland and Hagerstown, Md. His father's ancestors were driven out of Scotland during the troubles of Mary Queen of Scots' reign, and his father left Ireland on account of the part taken in the Irish rebellion of 1798 by his grandfather. His father came to this country with his widowed mother and located at Pittsburgh, where he learned the cooper's trade. He came to Cincinnati when a young man, and remained there a time, then moved to Franklin County and later to Lawrenceburgh, where he lived till 1837. He married in Cincinnati, and reared six children: Irvin, William, Mary J., Thomas, John and Hannah M. The eldest daughter died young. William was educated at West Point and killed in the Mexican war. In 1837 Walter Armstrong moved to Vevay, where he and his wife both died. He served as treasurer of Dearborn County and was elected associate judge in this county. Our subject grew up on the farm and has chiefly followed that pursuit. He has also done some flat-boating. he received from his father a good farm and later added another by purchase, now owning 200 acres. Mr. A. was married, in 1844, to Sarah A. Ruter, daughter of Calvin W. Ruter, a pioneer minister from Vermont, and a presiding elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church. her mother was a Mrs. HASS. By this union there were born Harriet, wife of Harry Krutz; William, Mary J., Charles C., Edith M., Thomas F. and Irvin. Foster children: Winfield W. McKay, Anna Jackson. Mr. Armstrong was a member of the State Legislature in 1850-51, and township trustee for many years. Is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Masonic order and an esteemed resident of the county.