Henry Boyd

Henry Boyd, farmer, Jefferson Township, was born in Bracken County, Ky., June 8, 1811. His father, James, was born in Virginia and died January 20, 1852, being one hundred years, five months and fifteen days old; his mother, Phebe (Webster) Boyd was also born in Virginia and died January 2, 1865, eighty-seven years old. They moved to Kentucky in 1790 and to Switzerland County, Ind., in 1819. He was a farmer all his life. The good old people belonged to the Baptist Church. Mr. Henry Boyd was married April 8, 1832, to Miss Lucretia Haycock, who was born in Kentucky, November 14, 1812. Their seven children were Lonsford, born February 2, 1833, died April 3, 1837; Morgan, born January 6, 1835, died August 28, 1875; Parker, born October 14, 1837, died November 11, 1847; Phebe J., born March 11, 1839, Mrs. Funk; Minerva, born October 13, 1841, died September 13, 1854; Clinton, born February 20, 1847; Mary A., born December 27, 1848. Mr. Boyd was school director, clerk and treasurer under the old rule; he has been a member of the Baptist Church for over fifty years, and is now a deacon in the church.