James Culbertson

James Culbertson, was born in Scotland, near Cambelton, in the year 1797, and is a son of James Culbertson, Sr., a native of Scotland. James C., Jr., immigrated to this country in 1819, and located in Jefferson County, Ind., adjoining Pleasant Township. He came with his wife whom he had married a short time before his departure. They landed at Philadelphia, from which place they made their way to Pittsburgh overland with team and wagon. From Pittsburgh they came down the Ohio in a big skiff. He had entered 160 acres of land before coming, on which he settled and lived the greater portion of his life. He had a small capital, which by judicious use he managed well and made a good property. In the latter years of his life he and wife removed to Vevay, where both died. He died in 1880. His wife, Jean Harvey, bore him six children who grew to maturity: James, Robert, David, John (deceased), Catherine and Jannet. Mrs. C. died in the year 1875, aged about seventy-seven or seventy-eight years. James Culbertson, Sr., came to this country with his wife in the year 1820. He settled in this township where Samuel Culbertson now resides. He died in 1821; his wife survived him ten or twelve years longer. Six children, all sons, came to this county: Robert, William, John, James, Samuel and David. The first and last of these children died soon after coming. The rest lived many years and reared families. The family descended from Lord Loudon in the following line of descent: James Campbell, younger son of Lord Loudon; James Culbertson, Jean Campbell, wife; son Robert Culbertson; Wannie Harvey, wife; son, James Culbertson; Janet White, wife; son, James Culbertson; Jean Harvey, wife. James Culbertson was born on the old homestead in 1821. His boyhood was passed in a manner common with fathers' sons. He received a limited education in the subscription schools of that day, which schools were kept in the primitive log house with puncheons for floors and greased paper for widow lights. He was married, in 1850, to Ann Scott, daughter of Walter Scott, after which he settled upon his present place and in the same house in which he now resides. By his first wife he had seven children: Harvey, Scott, Anabelle (deceased), Mary, Edgar, Glen, Clarence and Wettie. Mrs. C. died in the year 1870, aged forty years. His second wife, Harriet Wiles, daughter of William B. Wiles, he married in the year 1872, who has borne him three children: Catherine, James and Eleanor. While never a member of the church, he adheres to Christianity, and has done as much or more for the support of the church and the erection of church buildings than any other one man in the community. His wife is a member of the Christian Church. Mr. C. began life with a capital of muscle and a williness to work. He has succeeded admirably, and at present owns 496 acres of good land, 360 acres in Kentucky. He has given all his grown children good academic educations, all of whom are intelligent and respected men and women.