Charles Dibble

Charles Dibble, farmer, Patriot. John Dibble, the father of our subject, was born and reared in Fairfield County, Conn., and married there Sarah Howe and in 1832 came to Switzerland County. He purchased land in this township, 160 acres, and subsequently did a farming business. He reared a family of ten children to maturity (seven born in Connecticut) -nine sons and one daughter -seven still living: Silas, Henry, Charles, George, Alonzo, John and Sarah Powell, widow of Jacob Powell, resident of Rising Sun. The father died in 1840, and mother is also deceased. Charles Dibble was born August 16, 1820, in Fairfield County, Conn. He is a son of John Dibble, and was twelve years old when he came to this county with his parents. He remained with his parents till twenty-five years of age, and up to that time was chiefly engaged in farming, going down the river on trade boats during the winter seasons. In 1845 he was married to Elizabeth Searcy, daughter of Moses Searcy, one of the old families of this county, among the first settlers. After his marriage, Mr. Dibble followed farming as before, and continued his river trading. He purchased 134 acres just above Egypt Bottom and later added eighty acres more and this he sold in 1869 and moved to Patriot, subsequently purchasing 187 acres in Hunter's Bottom which he now owns, besides his residence in Patriot. He continued flat-boating up to 1880, but then abandoned the trade on account of age and decreasing profits. He succeeded fairly, and as a result of his labors is now well provided with the comforts of life. Mr. and Mrs. Dibble have no children of their own, but have reared a foster child, Emeline Hayes, now the wife of John Moore. They are also rearing a second, Daisy Lamkin, now a lass of six years. Mr. Dibble is a member of the I.O.O.F. and has served as school trustee and city councilmanand also aided in the construction of the Patriot & Bark Works Turn Pike, being treasurer of the company for some time. He takes some interest in politics and votes with the Democratic party.