George Dibble

George Dibble, farmer, Posey Township, was born in 1822. He is a son of John Dibble, above mentioned, and grew up on the farm with his parents in Connecticut, and when about ten years old came to this county. He remained with his parents till sixteen, and afterward spent two years at blacksmithing, then gave it up. He then returned to farming, which he has since continued, doing some flat-boating since, making trips in 1841, 1844 and 1878. His father purchased land in 1832, and in 1840 died, after which the estate was divided among the children. Mr. Dibble receiving his portion. He purchased a portion of his present farm of 117 acres, in 1864, of Sylvanus Howe, and since has resided here. Has continued in farming and has met with fair success, now owning 205 acres. He was married in 1846 to Mary A. Craig, native of this township, and daughter of Robert L. and Phoebe (Munger) Craig. Cheney Munger was major in the war of 1812. By this union eight children were born: Rufus, Hugh, John, George, Grace, Amanda, Jennie and Alice. The eldest daughter, Agnes, is deceased.