Alexander Edgar,

originally a mill-wright, now furniture manufacturer and dealer, also dealer in staple and fancy groceries, Vevay, was born in Westmoreland County, Penn., September 11, 1811. His father, John Edgar, was born October 4, 1766; his mother, Mary (Morehead) Edgar, was born January 25, 1777. They were married April 4, 1802. The father died August 14, 1841; the mother died January 9, 1849. Alexander learned the mill-wright trade in Pennsylvania, and moved to Switzerland County in 1833 and began building mills, at which he worked till 1880. He then engaged in his present business. He was married March 2, 1843, to Miss Catharine Culbertson, a native of Indiana, born in Jefferson County January 6, 1824. Mr. Edgar was school trustee for years. Originally he was a Whig, but now a Republican. He and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church.