Constant Golay,

of Jefferson Township, son of Judge Elisha Golay, and a native of Switzerland County, was born October 19, 1807. His life was spent in his native county, where he accumulated considerable property. He was liberal in church work, and assisted in building churches. His house was a home for preachers. He ran flat-boats for a period of twenty years, doing general trading business. Prior to the war he bought pork and flour in addition to what he raised, and shipped South. He was a member of Vevay Swiss Artillery Company, and was present with his company at the reception in 1825 of Gen. La Fayette at Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an honest, hard-working man, a good and faithful husband, an indulgent father, a good citizen and an earnest, devoted Christian. his first vote was cast for Gen. Harrison for President in 1828, and afterward he was an earnest Democrat. Mr. Golay was married, June 9, 1831, to Louisa A. Morerod, who was born near Vevay, Ind., October 25, 1808. Her parents, John D. and Antoinette (Dufour) Morerod, were born near Vevay, Canton Dovuo, Switzerland -the father in 1768, mother in 1782. They were married in March, 1803, and soon after located in this county, one of the original Swiss families. They became the parents of twelve children: Henry R., born May 17, 1832, died September 5, 1841; Cecilia H., born February 1, 1834; Clarissa L., born September 25, 1835; Celestine A., born July 7, 1837, died April 2, 1885; John D., born January 19, 1839, died September 12, 1841; Albert E., born February 2, 1841; Aime M., born February 1, 1843; Elisha, born February 28, 1845, died August 11, 1847; Josephine E., born February 6, 1847; Charles E., born December 29, 1848; Susan M., born February 9, 1851, and Randolph M., born May 20, 1853. Mr. Golay died at his home near Vevay, June 12, 1883.