Rev. Harvey Harris,

pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Vevay, was born in Posey Township, this county, December 6, 1834. His education was acquired in the home schools and by private instruction. He was reared upon a farm, and at the age of eighteen began teaching. In a short time he commenced studying theology, worked on the farm in summer, taught school winters, and in this way pursued his studies for twelve years, at the expiration of which time he was pushed into the ministry. In early life he was impressed that he was called to preach, and was finally licensed as an exhorter. During the war he felt that the country needed his services, and he volunteered in Company B, One Hundred and Fifty-sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry as a private soldier. At the expiration of five months he was mustered out under Gen. Hancock, returned home and preached as a local preacher for one year. He then was given a circuit, where he remained for three years, his labor being blessed by over 500 accessions to the church. He has since labored in the following charges: Patriot, 3 years; Mill Roy, Rush County, 3 years; Greensburgh, 2 years; Sugar Branch, 1 year; Manchester, 2 years; Indianapolis, 3 years, and to Vevay in 1883 as pastor of the Vevay Methodist Episcopal Church. All along his ministerial course has been successful in knocking down the walls of sin and iniquity, and building up the church of the living God. Rev. Harris was married, October 28, 1854, to Miss Cornelia P. TYSON, who was born in Ripley County, Ind., April 6, 1834. By strict economy and good investments when young he now owns eighty acres of good land in Section 11, Pleasant Township. He joined the Odd Fellows at Greensburgh and encampment at Patriot, and was made a Knight Templar in Baldwin Commandery at Shelbyville. His grandfather, Robert Harris, was born in Connecticut and died in 1827, aged sixty years. His grandmother, Lucretia (Kennedy) Harris, was also a native of Connecticut, and died in 1844, aged seventy-two years. The former was a Revolutionary soldier and moved to Indiana in 1817. His father, Nelson Harris, was born in Franklin County, N.Y., March 13, 1811. His mother, Ann (Hotchkiss), was born in Otsego County, N.Y., December 18, 1811. They were married in November, 1833. The father came to this county in 1817, where he farmed, learned tanner's trade, sold goods and passed a very successful life, farming for over forty years last past. His parents united with the Methodist Episcopal Church when quite young. The mother died March 2, 1884.