John Keeney,

a native of Connecticut, came from Delaware County, N.Y., to this county in 1835. He was born in 1786, and as far as known was a resident of New York. He was a son of Jonathan and Esther (Beebe) Keeney. His parents died in Delaware County, N.Y., and he there grew to manhood and married Dorotha Harris, daughter of Robert Harris, and came, in 1835, with his family of nine children to this township. He purchased 200 acres, which Mr. William Keeney still owns. He was a plain farmer, not connected with any other business. Was a surveyor and did considerable in this line. Was considered quite a thrifty farmer. He was accidently drowned in the Ohio River near Vevay by being run over by a steam-boat while going down the river in a small flat-boat loaded with scythe snaths. Their children were Fannie, John R., Salinda, William J., Harris, Ira, Alfred, Esther and Hiram B.