Robert A. Knox,

retired farmer, Vevay, is a native of that city, born in 1819, to George G. and Elizabeth (Poindexter) Knox. He has done considerable business during his lifetime, but is now one of the most retired men of his native town. Like most other boys of his time he shared the benefits of a common school only in his efforts to gain an education, though he has worn his "thinking cap" all his life. While a young man he learned the cabinet trade in part, and subsequently spent five years on the river, flat-boating. In 1842 he married Louisa A. Kern who was born in 1828. Their only son and child, Henry K., was born in 1843, and married, in 1865, Miss Maria T. Davis. Leaving the river trade Mr. Knox was engaged about three years in the wharf-boat and the same length of time with his father in the milling business. He then purchased a farm, which he was sixteen years engaged in cultivating, and upon which, in 1866, he "raised a fuss with work" and then came to Vevay, where he has since resided. Has since done some work as clerk in the treasurer's and recorder's office.