Aaron Lyon, 

farmer, Posey Township, was born in this township in 1820 on the farm on which he has ever since resided. He remained at home with his parents and after his father's death lived with his mother, and as the other heirs grew up and married, he purchased their interests and remained on the old homestead. In 1851 he married Paulina Searcy, daughter of Moses Searcy, one of the oldest settlers of this county. He died in his eighty-ninth year at the home of Mrs. Lyons. By this union seven children were born: Moses, Mary, wife of Charles Wade; Charles, Nathan, Jennie, wife of Buell Bradley; Edward, and Anna, all living. After his marriage Mr. Lyon began housekeeping with his mother, and has never moved from his original home. He owns 172 acres of land and lives a quiet life.