Descendants of Samuel Pavey III, Con'd.

Submitted by Ardath Blue

Generation No. 1 Con'd.

5. Samuel4 Pavy IV (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born August 29, 1821 in Near Warsaw, Gallatin Co., KY, and died March 18, 1912 in Norman, Indiana. He married (1) Julia Ann Moulton August 18, 1842 in Switzerland Co, IN. She was born May 25, 1820 in Virginia, and died September 01, 1863 in Switzerland County, Indiana, Cunningham Cemetery. He married (2) Julia A. Steinberger August 03, 1864 in Bartholomew County, Indiana9. She was born October 30, 1840, and died February 05, 1883 in Switzerland County, Indiana.
Notes for Samuel Pavy IV:
1860 Switzerland Co., IN census, Cotton Twp.
Samuel Pavy, 38, KY Farmer
Julia A., 40, IN
Mary 17, IN
Prior M. 15, IN
Charles, 13, IN
Geo. W. 11, IN
Henry S., 9, IN
Sarah B., 7, IN
Leonora, 2, IN
Wm. B., 4 mo., IN
This was copied from the Vevay Reveille, March 21, 1912 ed.  
Located under the heading Fairview  
"Samuel Pavy, an aged and respected citizen, formerly of this community, died March 18th, at the home of his daughter at Norman, Ind. He is survived by five children, P. M. Pavy, Henry S. Pavy and Bruce Pavy, all of this place, G. W. Pavy, of Allensville, and Sarah Cummins, of Norman, Ind. The deceased was for many years a member of the Christian church and was a local minister. At the time of his death he was in his 90th year." In a corrected version of the obit of Samuel was this; Copied from the Vevay Reveille, March 28, 1912 ed; Located under the heading Fairview "Your corrrespondent wishes to correct a mistake which appeared last week in the death notice of Samuel Pavy. It should have stated that he was survived by ten children, viz: G. W. Pavy, of Allensville; P. M. Pavy, H. S. Pavy and Bruce Pavy, all of this place; Mrs. Sarah Cummins, of Norman, Ind.; Mrs. Nora Thatcher of Ohio Co.; Reeda, Everett and John Pavy, of Rising Sun, Ind., and Mrs. Eva Gulley."
Kathy Esposito
Switzerland Democrat, of Vevay Indiana  
'Death of Samuel Pavy Jr.'
"Rev. Samuel Pavy, a well known citizen of this vicinity and other places, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sarah B. Cummings, Monday March 18, 1912, aged ninety years, 6 months and 20 days. the cause of his death was infirmities of old age. Deceased was born near Warsaw, KY., Aug. 29, 1821. He came to the eastern part of Indiana with his parents when a boy of four years of age and remained with them until manhood, when he joined the church and became a minister of the gospel and was active in the work for a period fo fourty years. During that time he took in over 2000 members, and assisted in other series of meetings. He came to Lawrence County on his 85th birthday, 1906, coming a distance of 95 miles in a day to make his home with his daughter Mrs. Sarah B. Cummins. He was twice married, first to Julia Ann Moulten Aug. 18, 1843. To this union were born eleven children, six of whom survive. Sept. 1, 1862 his first companion died. His second marriage was to Julia Steinberger and occurred 1864. To this union were born three sons and two daughters, four of whom survive. His last companion died Feb. 5, 1883. The last few years he would often say that he would not take the world for the hope he had. He could quote most of the scriptures correctly and was comforted by the sayings of the Apostle Paul. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Fish. Burial at Liberty."
From Kathy Esposito Sept 12, 1999
Book 'Marriages 1841-1846' pg 147 Switzerland Co., IN marriage records
Marriage license: Aug 8 1842 Married Aug 18, 1842 by Preacher of the
Gospel Isaac Jessup
Signed Nov 7, 1842 filed Nov 19, 1842
More About Samuel Pavy IV:
Burial: Norman Indiana, Liberty Church Cemetery
Notes for Julia Ann Moulton:
buried in Cunningham cemetery in same plot with Samuel's other wife, Julia Steimbarger, same headstone

Marriage Notes for Samuel Pavy and Julia Moulton:
Records in Book 1841-1846 p. 147

Marriage Notes for Samuel Pavy and Julia Steinberger:
recores in Book 7, page 219.
Children of Samuel Pavy and Julia Moulton are:  
43 i. Marie E.5 Pavy, born Abt. 1843.

44 ii. Prior Melitus Pavy, born April 08, 1845 in near Fairview, Switzlerland County, Indiana; died April 08, 1925 in Shelbyville, Indiana. He married Mary Elizabeth Montgomery January 16, 1867 in Switzerland County, Indiana; born January 26, 1847 in Near Fairview, Switzlerland County, Indiana; died November 23, 1919 in Switzerland County, Indiana, Vevay Cemetery.
Notes for Prior Melitus Pavy:  
Thought you would find interesting in case you don't already have this info. I found this in Wanda Morfords files (Black Notebook) located in the Vevay library.  --Kathy

War Department, Adjutant General's Office Oct. 8, 1879
Prior M. Pavy
Enrolled June 6, 1862 at Vevay in Co. C, 54th Regiment of Ind. Volunteers to serve 3 months or during the war, mustered in June 14, 1862 in Indianapolis, Ind. as a Private. Mustered out with Co. on Sept. 11, 1862. Enrolled July 15, 1863 at Enterprise and mustered in at Indianapolis on Aug.20, 1863 as a Corporal in Co. I, 117th Ind. Vols. to serve 6 months. Present on subsequent rolls to Dec 31, 1863. Return for Jan., 1864 reports him absent sick. Mustered out with Co. on Feb. 24, 1864. Enrolled Sept. 2, 1864 at Allensville and muster-ed in Sept. of 1864 at Columbus, Ind. as a Pvt. in Co. I, 140th Ind. Vols. to serve 1 year. Reported on muster roll from enrollment to Dec. 31, 1864 as Corpl. subsequent rolls to June 30, 1865, not on file. Return for Feb.,1865 reports him absent, wounded in action, in hospital at Wilmington, N.C., Mar., Apr., May 1865 the same. Co. was in action at Town Creek Bridge, N.C. Feb. 20, 1865. Mustered Out Roll dated York, Pa. June 15, 1865 reports him Sergh. mustered out on that date. The records of this office furnish no evi-dence of date, location or nature of wound reported on return for Feb., 1865. The Government evidently lost the discharges from the first two enlistments but sent a copy of the third. . His service altogether was over l-1 1/2 years.
From Kathy Esposito Mar. 18, 2000

1910 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp (
Prior M. Pavy, 65, md 43yr, Own Income
Mary, 63 (7 children - 6 living)
Joshe, dau, 29, single

Marriage Notes for Prior Pavy and Mary Montgomery:  
Marriage records in Switzerland County, Indiana, Book 1, page 536,
married by Wm. S. Mahan, M.E.
45 iii. Charles W. Pavy, born Abt. 184710; died in Died in Civil War10.

46 iv. George Washington Pavy, born September 14, 1848; died June 25, 1919 in Rising Sun, Indiana, Cedar Hedge Cem.. He married Martha S. Tinker December 23, 1870; born April 23, 1851.
Notes for George Washington Pavy:
1880 -- Census Switzerland Co., IN - Cotten Twp (LDS pg 3B)
George W. Pavey, 31
Martha, 29
Ruth, 9
Charles, 7
George, 4
Edith G., 2

1910 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp (
George M. Pavy, 61, md 39y, Farm Labor/Home Farm
Martha S., 59 (7 children - 7 living)
Catherine E., 25, single
Earnestine, 19, single  

The following names were taken from the obituary of George Washington Pavy:
1st.George W.Pavy died 06/25/1919
2nd Martha S. Tinker spouse of George W.
Mrs.Ruth Palmer of San Antonio,Texas
Charles C.Pavy of Rising Sun In.
Mrs Grace Bradford of Center Square,In.
George A. Pavy of Allensville,In.
Mrs Minnie Long of Fairview,In.
Mrs.Ernestine Campbell of Allensville,In.
Catherine Pavy still at home.
He had three brothers;
Prior M. Pavy
Henry S. Pavy
Bruce Pavy all near Fairview,In.
Two sisters;
Mrs.Sarah Morrison of Jackson County,In.
Mrs.Nora Thatcher of Ohio County,In.
Three half brothers;
John Pavy of Nebraska
Reeda Pavy of Colorado (Probably Leroy Artemus. A. Blue note)
Everett Pavy of Rising Sun,In.
One half sister
Mrs.Eva Noble of Rising Sun,in.

George W. was the son of Samuel and Julia Pavy.  
Marriage Record BK #2, pg 214 Switzerland Co., IN marriage records.
Marriage license: Nov. 22, 1870 Married: Nov. 23, 1870 by James b. Morrison filed Dec 23, 1870
More About George Washington Pavy:
Age at death (Facts Pg): 70

47 v. Henry S. Pavy, born October 19, 1850 in IN; died June 22, 1924 in Switzerland County, Indiana, Jacksonville Cemetery. He married Clara J. Tinker February 11, 1883; born August 1852.  

Notes for Henry S. Pavy:
1900 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp
Henry Pavy, 49, Sept 1860, IN, md 17yr, Farmer
Carr, 47, aug 1852 (3 children - 3 living)
Alma, 15, July 1884
Carrie, 13, Feb 1887
Maggie, 10, Aug 1890
Vevay Reveille, Thurs.
Feb. 15, 1883 ed.
As quoted; "Married Pavey-Tinker by David Lee, J.P. at his residence,
Feb. 2. Henry S. Pavey and Clara J. Tinker, all of this county."
From Kathy Esposito Oct. 23, 1999  

'Records of Marriage Returns I (2/1882-6/1895), record #144
Henry Info: 33 years old at next birthdate; b. Switzerland co;
parents-Samuel Pavy & Julia Moulton; occupation-farmer
Clara Info: 31 years old at next birthdate; b. Switzerland co; parents-
Henry A. Tinker & Caroline Campbell
Married Switzerland Co. on Feb. 11, 1883
From Kathy Esposito Nov. 26, 1999

48 vi. Sarah Belle Pavy, born July 01, 1853; died July 01, 1941 in Heltonville, Lawrence Co., IN. She married (1) Malachi Newton Cummings September 21, 1869 in Jackson County, Indiana; born October 04, 1846 in IN; died November 24, 1911 in Lawrence Co., IN. She married (2) Newell H. Morrison February 14, 1916 in Lawrence Co., IN.  

Notes for Sarah Belle Pavy:
Sarah nursed Samuel Pavy in his old age in Norman, Indiana.

More About Sarah Belle Pavy:
Fact 1: Liberty Church Cemetery, Norman, IN

49 vii. Leonora Pavy, born May 09, 1858; died 1946. She married (1) Charles Thatcher July 21, 1881 in Ohio County, Indiana. She married (2) Edgar Miles May 03, 1924 in Ripley County, Indiana.

50 viii. William Bruce Pavy, born April 04, 1860; died October 13, 1939. He married Mary A. Elfers December 18, 1888 in Switzerland Co, Ind; born November 1854.
Notes for William Bruce Pavy:  
Bruce was nursed by Wilbur & Edith in old age. In exchange for this care, he willed the farm in Switzerland County to Wilbur. Wilbur was Wilbur Frederick Pavy, s/o Harry Edgar. Edith was Wilbur's wife, Edith Orem Pavy.
1900 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp
Next door to James Pavy s/o Prior M.
Bruce Pavy, 40, April 1860, IN, md 11y, Farmer
Mary, 42, Nov 1854 (0 children - 0 living)
1910 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton twp (
Bruce Pavy, 50, md 21y, Farmer
Mary A., 53
Sophia Hoston, 13, servant  

'Records of Marriage Returns I (2/1882-6/1895), record 987
William's info: 29 years old at next birthdate; b. Switzerland co; occupation-farmer; parents-Samuel Pavy & Julia Moulton
Mary's info: 32 years old at next birthdate; b. Switzerland co; parents- Henry Elfers & Kate Miller
Married in Switzerland co by Rev. J. T. O'Neal on Dec 18, 1888

Children of Samuel Pavy and Julia Steinberger are:
51 i. Leroy Aretus5 Pavy, born Abt. 1867.

52 ii. Nancy Evaline Pavy, born November 10, 1867. She married (1) John A. Gulley October 04, 1900. She married (2) Jacob O. Nobel August 28, 1916.
More About Nancy Evaline Pavy:
Residence: Rising Sun, IN

53 iii. Mary Ellen Pavy, born July 186911; died July 14, 1907 in Ohio Co., IN12. She married (1) William Knigge April 11, 1889 in Ohio Co., IN13; born Bef. May 06, 1862 in Baptised 5-6-1862; died February 23, 1896 in Ohio Co., IN. She married (2) George Wesley Bradley January 04, 1899 in Ohio Co., IN13; born May 1879.
Notes for Mary Ellen Pavy:
Mary supposedly committed suicide, and is supposedly buried without a headstone in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Ohio County, Indiana.  
The following story came from Michael Massey, a descendant of Mary Ellen Pavy:
Mary Pavy
Mary Pavy was born in 1866 to Samuel and Julia Pavy of Switzerland County, Indiana. Her father was a farmer and minister of Olive Branch Baptist Church in northern Switzerland County. She married William Knigga, the son of Johann Heinrich and Anna Margarette Elsebein Brenners Knigge, on April 11, 1889 in Ohio County, Indiana. The older Knigges, who migrated to this country in the 1850s, still used the old German form of the name instead of the newer Americanized "Knigga." (This kind of spelling change occurred frequently in late 19th century America, due to anti-German sentiment, since supposedly no German name ends with an "a".) William's parents were from the Hanover region of Germany, and this family has been well-tracked by Larry Knigga of Oak Harbor, Ohio. William was christened Johann Frederich Wilhelm Knigge at St. Peter's Lutheran Church of Bear Branch on May 6, 1862. After his father's death, his mother remarried a John Baier, also a German. He was a Methodist, however, and the children at home at the time moved their church ties to New Hope Methodist Church.4 William and Mary had four children: Oscar (1890), Anna (1891), Tillie May (1893), and Bill or "Dutch" (1895). (See family chart for details.) In 1890, William's mother and stepfather sold them 81 61/100 acres of land, and the young family likely lived on that land. William was the only child in his family to marry outside the close German Lutheran community, and likely one of only a very few children to do so in that community. This seemed to be such an odd thing to do that it caused some isolation from the community.4 It seems likely that the children were raised in the Methodist Church. It was almost certainly not Lutheran as there is no record of the children's baptisms.5  

William died on February 23, 1896 and was buried in New Hope Cemetery with a stone that has since disappeared.4 No doubt the family was poor; worse yet, they seemed to be isolated from both family support systems. (My parents recently discovered a picture of Mary and her children from this time period. Depicted is a sorrowful young dark-haired woman and four tow-headed children in front of a simple wooden farmhouse. On the back, "Mary Pavy and children" is written in my grandmother's - not my grandfather's -handwriting. How she came by this picture, and how much she knew of Oscar's family, may always remain a mystery.) Mary Pavy, as any other young widow without means in her position, turned to remarriage to support her family. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a tragic solution. In a civil ceremony on January 4, 1899, she married Wesley (George Wesley) Bradley,2 a man around 12 years younger than her. Wesley and Mary had four children: Lawrence (1899), Lu (1902), Goldie (1903), and Bessie (1906). Three days before Bessie's birth (which was recorded in the Ohio County Birth Records), the Rising Sun Recorder of April 6, 1906 reports that, "The wife and four children of Wesley Bradley returned to near Bascom recently from Kentucky in a destitute condition. It is alleged he deserted them." On June 22 of that same year, the Recorder reports that, "the infant child of Wes Bradley and wife died last week and was buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery." The first assumption is that this child was Bessie, but it is recorded that Bessie lived on until 1991. Perhaps there was another child, born around 1905, who may have been a year old at his or her death. Even greater tragedy was yet to strike. On January 17, 1907, the Vevay Reveille reports the following:

On the night of January 8th the wife of Wesley Bradley disappeared from home leaving her children alone. Mr. Bradley deserted his wife and family about a year ago and left them in destitute circumstances. They were all cared for by the kind neighbors who did all they could to make them comfortable. Finally Mr. Bradley returned and on promising to care for the family he was allowed to remain. Since his return by his cruel treatment he has weakened her mind and they found her wandering from place to place. The sheriff came out to help search for her but did not succeed in finding her and went back home.

On July 18, 1907 the following article in the Vevay Reveille reported Mary Pavy's tragic death (occurring July 14, 1907):
Mary Bradley, wife of Wesley Bradley took poison Sunday morning and died Sunday evening. She had been married twice. Her maiden name was Mary Pavy, her first husband was Mr. Knigg [sic], they had four children all of whom are grown. Her second husband was Wesley Bradley and they have four small children. Domestic troubles was the cause of her taking her life. They were living in Ohio Co., and she was buried Tuesday at Mt. Pleasant.
The coroner's report by William H. Dugle, Coroner of Ohio County, Indiana, reports the following:  
The body of a woman who died in her home near a place known as Wooley's store, about 5 o'clock Monday morning, July 15, about 45 years old, named Mary Ellen Bradley, ruled she died at her own hands, intentional suiside [sic], from taking Paris Green being the cause to the best of my knowledge.
Accompanying the coroner's report was a coroner's inquest, dated 16 July, 1907, based on statements made on 15 July, 1907:  
Mary Elizabeth Bradley, mother of George Wesley Bradley and mother in law of Mary Ellen Bradley, said that her daughter in law had threatened to take her own life several times, she saw quarrels between her son and his wife, said she seemed to be jealous of Mr. Wooley's daughter, a neighbor near the residence of the deceased. Son and his wife had been married nine years. Daughter of Mary Ellen, Anna Knigga, said she would be 18 years old Oct. 18, 1907, her father was William Knigga, deceased. Said she lived with her mother and Mr. Bradley off and on for nine years.
George Wesley Bradley testimony - he left for work at Laughery Creek, they had been quarreling - she accused him of running around with other women and said that if he left, she was going to take Paris green. He went on to work and when he came home, she told him she had had a miscarriage and had buried the child and refused to tell him where. She said she had taken Paris green - said she was sorry for the way she had treated him and asked him to forgive her and that she wouldn't mistreat him again. She refused a doctor and later died. He said she was about 45 years old, he didn't know exactly.Shortly thereafter, on July 30, 1907, Wesley remarried Anna, his stepdaughter. On August 29, 1907, the Vevay Reveille again reports:
Following the sudden death of his wife six weeks ago, Wesley Bradley has married his stepdaughter, Anna Knigga. The coroner's verdict at the time Bradley's wife died was suicide. He said the woman had died from taking Paris green. Bradly [sic] and Miss Knigga left at once for Kentucky, and were married. The maiden name of his first wife was Pavy. She was first married to William Knigga. Bradley has five small children and two dead. His new wife is a half sister to the children. A great many now think the grand jury should investigate the case. The family story passed on to one of the children was that Mary's dying words were that Wesley and Anna should get married in order to keep the family together.10 Although the couple was not related by blood, there was enough of an ethical question in their opinion (or the opinion of someone in authority) that they travelled across the river to Warsaw, Kentucky to be married. In addition, a signed statement of Oscar "Carnegee" (Anna was also listed as Carnegee) that "there was no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to be married" was attached to the marriage license.11 It is likely that Oscar had left home by this time (since Mary had only 4 of her 7 children with her in 1906) and his acquiescence in this affair always made me wonder. There was no signature - only a mark "x" - but that was common, at least in an earlier time. Perhaps he was forced to comply, and perhaps his signature was forged - I guess we'll never know.
More About Mary Ellen Pavy:
Burial: Mt. Pleasaant Cemetery14
More About William Knigge:
Burial: New Hope Cemetery, Ohio Co., IN
Notes for George Wesley Bradley:
The following comes from Michael Massey, descendant of of Mary Ellen Pavy:  
George Wesley Bradley
Wesley Bradley was born in Indiana in May of 1879, and it was reported that he ran with a pretty rough crowd.10 He is not a direct ancestor of mine; what I know of him are the events reported in connection with Mary Pavy's family. These events are: 1) His marriage to a woman who was 11 years older than him when he was 20 years old; 2) His selling part of the family land after only two years of marriage to David Minks, who had a bad reputation in the area; 3) The departure of his stepson (Oscar) at a young age; 4) The 1906 desertion of his family three days before his wife gave birth; 5) The Vevay report of his cruel treatment of his wife; 5) His wife's violent death, whether by suicide or murder; 6) The quick (15 days later) and morally questionable marriage to his stepdaughter; and 7) a third marriage (after Anna died of the flu in 1918) to a woman who was abusive to his children.10 Initially I gave the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Bradley and attempted to construct a relatively innocent view of the man: Perhaps Wesley was simply an ineffective man. He marries an older woman as a mother figure; sells farmland to make money or to pay off a gambling debt, etc.; his stepson sees him as a buffoon who is ruining his inheritance and thus leaves to make his own way in the world; his wife suffers from depression and commits suicide; Wesley tries to do the right thing and keep the family together by marrying his stepdaughter; and then several years later uses questionable judgement in the selection of a third wife. There is also a much more sinister view of the man, reinforced by the community report of cruel treatment: Wesley marries a widow of means, i.e., she has property which can be traded for money, which he does fairly quickly; He abuses and mistreats his stepchildren, especially the older son (who sees what Bradley's character is really like), and drives him away from home; he does not take care of his family and leaves them destitute; he drives his wife to suicide, or perhaps does the deed himself and convinces local authorities that it was simply a crazy lady committing suicide; perhaps he has been sexually abusing his stepdaughter all along, or at least seducing her (perhaps contributing to her mother's death) and marries the girl in order to continue a terrible relationship; and after her death, he marries with no thought to the well-being of his children, though perhaps tries to take up for the younger children when he finds his new wife as abusive to his children as he was to his stepchildren. In either view, the ends are equally tragic. The flu of 1918 took 4 of the 13 children resultant of these 3 marriages. Anna and two of her children died in the epidemic, but three of her children survived. Tillie Mae died with the flu but had one surviving child, Russell Dale Calvert (though I do not know what happened to him afterwards). Oscar, my grandfather, had left home for Ghent KY long since, and never discussed his family with anyone in his new community. William, variously called Dutch or Bill, was a World War I veteran and lived his life around Ohio County until his death in 1978. He never married but was reported to be a lady's man, and it was rumored that he had an illegitimate daughter.

54 iv. John J. Pavy, born Abt. June 1872.  
More About John J. Pavy:
Residence: Nebraska
55 v. Marshall Everett Pavy15, born March 01, 1876 in Cotton Twp., Switzerland Co., IN15; died August 25, 1953 in Ohio County, Indiana, German Lutheran Cemetery, Rising Sun15. He married (1) Anna Marie Klausing15 December 20, 1899 in Home of Louise Klausing, Rising Sun, Ohio Co., IN15; born June 1876. He married (2) Lillie P. Dorrell March 26, 1911.  
Notes for Marshall Everett Pavy:
Marshall Everett Pavey - s/o Rev Sam IV
1900 -- Census - Ohio Co., Randolph Twp (
# 176 - 176
Everet Pavy, 24, b. March 1876, IN, Farmer
Mary, 23, b. June 1876 (0 children - 0 living0
John, brother, 27, b. June 1872, single, Farm Laborer
**Took a little hunting to figure this one out. Wife's name is close to what we had
More About Marshall Everett Pavy:
Residence: Rising Sun, IN

6. Eli Randolph4 Pavy (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born May 02, 1821 in Boone Co, KY16, and died November 24, 1906 in Independence, Montgomery Co, KS. He married (1) Catherine Wilson October 22, 1842 in Switzerland Co, IN. He married (2) Eliza Brown December 03, 1848 in Pleasant, Switzerland Co., IN. She was born March 08, 182216, and died February 05, 1895. He married (3) Dora Thomas January 08, 1902 in Independence, Montgomery Co, KS.
Notes for Eli Randolph Pavy:
Date Location
1850 Jefferson, Switzerland Co, IN
1860 Warsaw, Hancock Co, IL
11 Dec. 1863 Mound City, Pulaski Co, IL
Civil War
19 Feb. 1866 Cairo, Alexander Co, IL
Civil War
1880 Independence, Montgomery Co, KS Census
8 Jun. 1900 Independence, Montgomery Co, KS Census  
From Gayle Swoik:
OBITUARY -- "The Evening Star" Sunday, Nov 25, 1906 pg 1  
Sat Down to Rest From His Exertions and Quietly Passed Away Yesterday afternoon between the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock the death summons called Elijah Pavey to that bourne from which no traveler returns. Mr. Pavey had been feeling unusually well all day. Had eaten a hearty dinner and helped Mrs. Pavey prepare mince meat for some pies. Earlier in the day he had cleaned the snow and ice from the walks around the house. After dinner he sat down on the porch to rest. Some of the neighbors noticed him sitting there with his head thrown back as if asleep. He sat in that attitude so long they became uneasy and went over to see about him and found that life had been extinct for some time.  

Mr. Pavey had been troubled with slight affliction of the heart for a long time but no fatal result was ever anticipated. Yet this old enemy caused his death. No other cause can be found. Elijah Randloph Pavey was born in Springfield, Ill, May 1822 and came with his wife and family to Independence in the early days where he has since resided. Mr. Pavey leaves a wife and four children to mourn his departure. The children are: R. W. Pavey of Kansas City, Mrs. Anna Richards, Kansas City, Ira Pavey, Kansas City, and Mrs. Kate Huston of this city. The relatives have been summoned and the funeral services will be conducted from his late home on Fifteenth and Main streets Monday afternoon.

****Notice the name Elijah....that was interesting. Apparently son Charles had died by this time and Anna must be d/ Nancy. I do know that Kate was divorced by 1900, but apparently hasn't yet remarried by this time.

More About Eli Randolph Pavy:
Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery
Cause of Death: Heart disease
Fact 3: Engineer
Fact 5: 84
More About Eliza Brown:
Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery
Child of Eli Pavy and Catherine Wilson is:  
56 i. Ruben William5 Pavey, born September 11, 1843; died February 24, 1922. He married (1) Margaret J. Lynn June 10, 1863; born February 25, 1845 in Schuyler Co., IL17; died May 12, 1915 in Calloway Co., MO18. He married (2) Anna Bet. 1910 - 1920.  
Notes for Ruben William Pavey:
1880 -- Census - St Louis Co., MO - St Louis, Supv Dist 1, Enumeration
Dist 31, page 541B
Wm PAVAY, 35, IN IN IN, River Engineer
Maggie, 32, KY - ?? Fever
Clara, 15, IL
Maude, 11, IL
Fred, 4, IL
1910 -- St. Louis Co., MO - St Louis 26th wd
Ruben W. Pavy, 66, md 47yr, IN
Margaret, 65, IL (7 children - 3 living)
1920 MO census, St. Louis, page 222a
Pavey, Ruben 76 head IN MO MO
Anna 43 wife IL MO MO ladies tailor  

OBITUARY: "St. Louis Post Dispatch", St. Louis, MO, Feb 25, 1922 pg 10 col 2  
PAVEY -- Entered into rest, suddenly, on Friday, Feb 24, 1922, Ruben W. Pavey, beloved husband of Anna J. Pavey and father of Mrs. B. H. Taylor of Columbia M., and F. C. Pavey. Services at the Wagoner chapel, 3621 Olive street, Sunday, Feb 26 at 2 p.m. Interment in Bellefontaine Cemetery. Deceased was a member of Missouri Lodge No 1. A. F. and A. M. and Missouri Consistory No 1. A. A. S. R. Burial Permit: R. W. Pavey, 78, 5734 North Market
From Gayle Swoik
Notes for Margaret J. Lynn:
May 14 1915 Edition of St. Louis Post Dispatch-Page 21:
Margaret J. Pavey (nee Lynn) beloved wife of Reuben W. Pavey, passed away May 12 at 10 p.m. after a lingering illness.. Age 70 years, 2 mos, 22 days.Deceased was dear mother of Fred C. Pavey, Mrs. Clara Bennett and Mrs. Maude Taylor.
Funeral Saturday, May 18 at 2 p.m. From ???? Kensington Ave. Friends invited.
Gone now how sweet the sound
Released from all her pain
She has left this world of sorrow
Fraught without a single stain.
Death Certificate:
Margaret J. Pavey, age 70yr 2m 17d
b. February 25, 1845, Schuyler Co., IL
d. May 12, 1915, Fulton Hospital, Calloway Co., MO
Father: Joseph Lynn
Mother: Elizabeth Grantz
Spouse/Informant: Capt R. W. Pavey
Cause: Apoplexy, Cerebral Hemorrhage
buried in St Louis
More About Margaret J. Lynn:
Age at death (2): May 10, 1915, 70 years, 2 mo., 22 days

Children of Eli Pavy and Eliza Brown are:  
57 i. Nancy5 Pavy, born Abt. 1849.
58 ii. Ira Nathan Pavy, born February 23, 1852 in Indiana, USA; died July 1927 in Missouri. He married Emma E Clark in Barry Co., Missouri, USA; born Abt. 1862 in Wheaton, Dupag Co., IL; died in Missouri.
Notes for Ira Nathan Pavy:
(67yrs 4mo 21days)
1920 -- Census - Jackson Co., MO - Prct 20, Kansas City
6135 62nd St
Ira N. Pavey, 60, IN, Engineer, City Creamery
Emma, 54, IL
Maud C., 25, MO, Conductress, KC RR
More About Ira Nathan Pavy:
Fact 3: 1921, Arctic Dairy Products, Kansas City, MO
Fact 7: September 05, 1997, LOGAN
Fact 8: October 08, 1997, LOGAN
More About Emma E Clark:
Fact 7: August 21, 1997, LOGAN  
59 iii. Catherine Pavy, born November 18, 1854; died July 18, 1934.  
60 iv. Charles Pavy, born March 08, 1856; died July 09, 1881.

8. Nancy Ann4 Pavy (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born June 1833 in IN, and died June 09, 1901. She married Melvin H. Humphrey September 02, 1852. He was born Abt. 1828 in NY.
Notes for Nancy Ann Pavy:
Perry Co death records, June 9, 1901, Oil Twp #F4160

Notes for Melvin H. Humphrey:
1860 Switzerland Co, IN Cotton Twp. census
Malvin H. Humphrey 32 NY Farmer
Nancy A. 27 IN
Morgan W. 7 IN
1880 -- Census Perry Co., IN Oil Twp (LDS pg 11A)
Molvin Humphrey, 52, NY
Nancy A., 46, IN
Wallace, 18
Charles, 13
Elmer, 10
Children of Nancy Pavy and Melvin Humphrey are:  
61 i. Morgan W.5 Humphrey, born Abt. 1853.
62 ii. Wallace Humphrey, born Abt. 1862.
63 iii. Charles Humphrey, born Abt. 1867.
64 iv. Elmer Humphrey, born September 1869. He married Mauddie C. Abt. 1895; born June 1877.
Notes for Elmer Humphrey:
1900 -- Census - Perry Co., IN, Oil Twp (
Elmer E. Humphrey, 30, Sept 1869, md 5y, Farmer
Mauddie C., 22, June 1877 (2 children - 2 living)
Lessie E., son, 4, Sept 1895
Geneva E., 1, Feb 1899
Nancy A., mother, 67, June 1833, wid (7 children - 6 living)
Charles S., brother, 33, Jan 1867, single, Farm Laborer
Lora A., nephew, 18, April 1882, Day Laborer
**GS NOTE: According to this census, there are several children for Nancy that are unaccounted.

9. Lovina Louisa4 Pavy (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born August 21, 1834, and died May 16, 1910. She married (1) James A. Sage November 17, 1854 in Switzerland Co, IN. She married (2) Henry H. Blackburn July 04, 1863. She married (3) Isaac Vannatter February 21, 1866.
Notes for James A. Sage:
**GS NOTE: I've found Olive in the 1870 census - not living with parents. My only explanation is she may have been visiting with friends or 'farmed out'. I have not been able to find a connection between the Humphrey's and Olive.
1870 -- Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp
Norman Humphrey, 45, NY, Farmer
Hannah, 36, IN
Owen W., 17
William H., 14
Charles B., 10
Olive B Sage, 14
Child of Lovina Pavy and James Sage is:  
65 i. Olive Bula5 Sage. She married Charles Jenkins Sebee.

10. Martha4 Pavy (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born May 26, 1837 in IN, and died November 12, 1920 in Independence Kansas, Mt. Hope Cemetery. She married Silas Wilson Irby December 31, 1857. He was born January 1838 in IN.
Notes for Silas Wilson Irby:
1860 - Census - Switzerland Co., IN - Cotton Twp.
Silas Erby 22 IN Farmer
Martha 23 IN

1870 -- Census - Vermillion Co., IN - Eugene Twp
#133-139 (near John Irby - could be brothers?)
Silas W. Irby, 35, IN, Farmer
Martha, 33
Every? L. F., 9
John W., 7
Ida N., 6
Sarah A., 4
William L., 1
Elijah Coke, 26, KY, Laborer

1880 -- Census - Montgomery Co., KS - Independence LDS pg 273A
Silas W. Erby, 45, IN
Martha, 43, IN
John Earby, 17, IN
Ida Earby, 15, IN
Sarah Earby, 13, IN
William Earby, 11, IN
Loran Earby, son, 9, KS
Sophia Earby, 6, KS
Flora Earby, 4., KS
Nelly Earby, 2, KS
1900 -- Census - Montgomery Co., KS - Independence
Silas W. Irby, 62, Jan 1838, IN, md 43y
Martha, 63, May 1837 (12 children - 10 living)
Nellie, 22, Sept 1877, KS
Chas, 19, Oct 1880, KS

Source of names and dates for children were from a report from Gayls Swoik, 2-4-2007.
GSNOTE: Some full names/dates found on family files submitted by Judy Zaros ( and Wayland Irby ( Am attempting to verify
Children of Martha Pavy and Silas Irby are:  
66 i. Mary Bell5 Irby, born December 23, 1858.  
67 ii. Lettia A. Irby, born December 15, 1859.
68 iii. Emma Laura Irby, born December 31, 1860 in IN.
69 iv. John Wilson Irby, born February 10, 1862 in IN.
70 v. Ida May Irby, born April 23, 1864 in IN.
71 vi. Sarah A. Irby, born February 10, 1867 in IN.
72 vii. William Lensey Irby, born February 07, 1869 in IN.
73 viii. Silas Loran Irby, born September 11, 1871 in KS.
74 ix. Pheba Sophia Irby, born January 21, 1873 in KS.
75 x. Florella Irby, born August 28, 1875 in KS.
76 xi. Nellie Martha Irby, born September 08, 1877 in KS.
77 xii. Charles Wilson Irby, born October 30, 1880 in KS.

11. William Wallace4 Pavy (Samuel3 Pavey III, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born November 11, 1841 in Allensville, Cotton Twp., Switzerland Co., IN, and died April 19, 1925 in English, Crawford Co, IN. He married Florinda Lewis July 04, 1865 in Connely, Ohio Co., IN, daughter of John Lewis and Sarah Green. She was born March 20, 1846 in Near Holton, Ripley Co., IN, and died January 20, 1929 in English, Crawford Co., IN.
Notes for William Wallace Pavy:
Buried in Mifflin Community Church Cemetery
1880 -- Census - Perry Co., IN - Oil Twp (LDS cd pg 13B)
William W. Pavey, 30, IN
Florinda, 34
Raleigh, 14
Elmer, 1
Sarah A., 9
John, 7
Freedley, 5
Laura , 3
Oscar, 1
Name: William Wallace Pavy/Pavey
Birth: 11 Nov 1841 Allensville, Cotton Twp., Switzerland Co., IN
Death: 19 Apr 1925 English, Crawford Co., IN
Father: Rev. Samuel Pavy III Or Sr. (1793-1872)
Mother: Sarah "Sally" Bobbitt (1794-1870)
Marriage: 4 Jul 1865 Aberdeen, Ohio Co., IN
Spouse: Florinda Lewis
Birth: 20 Mar 1846 Near Holton, Ripley Co., IN
1 M: William L. Pavey (Died as Infant)
2 M: Raleigh E. Pavey
3 M: Ira Elmer Pavey  
Death: 23 Dec 1943
Spouse: Florence Gilmore
4 F: Pavey
Spouse: J. W. Benham
5 M: John M. Pavey
6 M: Franklin F. Pavey
7 F: Pavey
Spouse: E. C. Patrick
8 M: Alvin O. Pavey
9 M: Millard M. Pavey
E-mail from Kathy Esposito Nov. 01, 1999  

1910 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp
Wallace W. Pavey, 68, md 45y, IN IN VA
Florinda, 64 (9 children - 8 living)
John M., son, 38, single, Carpenter - Bridge

More About William Wallace Pavy:
Fact 1: Mifflin Community Church Cemetery
Children of William Pavy and Florinda Lewis are:  
78 i. William Lee5 Pavy, born April 20, 1866; died in Died as an infant.  

79 ii. Raleigh E. Pavy, born April 10, 1867 in IN. He married Lila M.; born Abt. 1880 in IN.  
Notes for Raleigh E. Pavy:
1900 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp (
#9-9 (next door to W. W. Pavey)
Raleigh E. Pavey, 33, April 1867, md 1yr,Farming
Lila M., 21, March 1878 (1 child - 1 living)
Shelby C., 3/12 Oct 99
1910 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp
Raleigh E. Pavey, 43, md 11yr, IN IN IN, Farmer - Gen Farming
Lila M., 30 (5 children - 5 living)
Earl S., 10
Theo C., 9
William M. 5 or 6
Wilford C., 4
Vivian F., 1 4/12
1920 -- Census Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp (ancestry)
Raleigh Pavy, 57, IN IN IN, Farmer-General Farm
Lila M., 40
Matti, son, 16
Samel?, son, 13
Vivian, dau, 11
Gay, dau, 8
Nelli, dau, 5
L. Q., son, 2 5/12
1930 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp
Raleigh PAVEY, 63
Lila, 51
Vivian Smith, dau, 21
Everett Smith, son in law, 21
Nellie Pavey, 15
Lee Pavey, 12
Burris Pavey, 8

80 iii. Ira E. Bailey Pavy, born December 28, 1868 in IN; died December 23, 1943. He married Florence Gilmore October 12, 1890 in Crawford Co., IN; born Abt. 1868.
Notes for Ira E. Bailey Pavy:  
1920 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN, Johnson Twp (ancestry)
Bailey PAVEY, 51, IN IN IN, Foreman Bridge Crew
Florence, 52
Gilbert, 28, Laborer
Earnest, 26, Carpenter
Homer, 16, Laborer
Ruth, 14
Emma, 14
Eva SEATON, dau, 24, wid, Cook Bridge Crew
Thetabell Seaton, gr dau, 2 4/12
1930 Johnson Twp Crawford County, IN:
Ira E. 61
Florence 63
81 iv. Sarah A. Pavy, born October 14, 1870 in IN. She married J. W. Benham.

82 v. John M. Pavy, born November 17, 1872 in IN.

83 vi. Franklin Friedly Pavy, born August 26, 1874 in IN. He married Grace Ott.
Notes for Franklin Friedly Pavy:
Does anybody have a Frank Pavy, possibly married to a Nola Eliza who died in 1918? I have info on her death.
I have a Franklin, son of William Wallace and Florinda Lewis. Could this be him?
I also found at Dearborn library in a book 'World War I Draft List of Dearborn Co.'
Pavy, Frank: address Aurora, Draft number 1367
From Kathy Esposito Oct. 27, 1999  
Franklin Friedly Pavy s/o William Wallace  
Looks like more children here....
1920 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Sterling Twp
Freedly F. Pavey, 45, IN, Carpenter - Bridge
Grace P., 42, IN
Reva W., 19, IN
Thelma L., 17, IN
Alma M., 15, IN
Guy L., 12, IN
Edith M., 8, IN
Hazel L., 6, I [Hazel Lois]
Ruby L., 3, IN
Helen B., 1 6/12, IN
1930 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - English
F. F. Pavy, 54, IN, Superintendent - Car Shops
Grace, 52, IN
Edith, 27, IN
Louise, 19, IN
Ruby, 16, IN
Thelma, 14, IN
**GSNOTE: Ages seem way off here. I wonder if they got Edith and Thelma mixed up

84 vii. Laura Bell Pavy, born November 06, 1876 in IN. She married E. C. Patrick.
85 viii. Alvin Oscar Pavy, born March 28, 1879 in IN. He married Lillie McGill.
86 ix. Millard Melbourne Pavy, born August 17, 1888. He married Lillie Edith McFarland Abt. 1907 in English, IN.
Notes for Millard Melbourne Pavy:
Millard and Lillie met in English, IN and after the marriage moved to Princeton, IN. He worked for the Southern Railroad and was also an ordained Pentacostal minister.
Source: "History of Greene County, Indiana"
1910 -- Census - Crawford Co., IN - Union Twp
Milford M. Pavey, 28, 2nd marriage, md 2yr, Carpenter-Bridge
Lillie E., 22, 2nd marriage (3 children - 3 living)
Melbourne L., 2
Clyde G., 8/12
Cecil N. Newton, stepson, 5

1930 -- Census - Gibson Co., IN - Princeton
Millard Pavey, 48, md @ age 25
Lillie, 43
Newton C., 25
Clyde, 20
Emma, 17
Marshall R., 15
Mamie, 13
Edna F., 11
Myrtle M., 9
Beulah M., 8
Naomi, 6
Webourn, 5
Iva, 4
Wanda, 2

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