Walter Scott, 

a native of Scotland, and resident of Switzerland and Jefferson Counties, lived August 5, 1787-Dec. 7, 1879, according to his tombstone in Caledonia Cemetery. However, according to parish records, he was christened on August 17, 1788 in Yetholm, Roxboroughshire, Scotland, not far from the English border. Walter was the son of William Scott and Christian Stenhouse (Stonehouse), according to the Yetholm christening record. The Scotts had three other children, John, Margaret, and Agnes, all baptized in parishes in Roxborough, not far from the town of Jedburgh. A sketch of Walter's son James in the History of Switzerland County says that Walter was born in Edinburgh. It is possible the family had migrated to the larger town and baptized him in the home parish, but that fact is not proven.

The Scotts migrated to southern Indiana in 1818, settling in Switzerland County. Of the four children, John and Agnes permanently settled in Jefferson County, with Margaret and Walter spending most of their lives in Switzerland. Walter purchased 41.25 acres in Switzerland Co. NE 1/4 Section 15 Twp. 4N Range 12E and SE 1/4 Section 10 from Henry Cotton on Jan. 2, 1820. This land is in northern Craig Township. He purchased or patented another 186 acres over the next twenty years. Walter was apparently a store owner who operated in Moorefield in the 1850s (per the History of Switzerland County), although no other details have been ascertained and the censuses do not show him as being a merchant.

He married on Apr. 2, 1825 in Switzerland Co., Janet Glenn Jan. 9,1797-Mar. 5, 1864. He married 2nd on Apr. 20, 1865 in Switzerland Co., Agnes Crawford Apr. 4, 1815-June 1886, both wives were from Dalry, Scotland and are buried at the cemetery of the Caledonia Presbyterian Church on the Switzerland-Jefferson County border. Walter's family is listed in the census for Pleasant Twp. 1850-1870. He soon moved to Madison. Walter's will in Jefferson County, (Will Book B p. 425.) written in 1875, leaves Agnes a dwelling on Walnut Street in Madison. Bequests included $25 to son John, $500 to son William and $700 to son Robert, $35 each to the children of deceased son, and one share each to the children of daughter Ann Culbertson. Son James Scott was named executor

Children of Walter Scott and Janet Glen

1. William Scott Jan. 4, 1826-Nov. 14, 1897 He married on Jan.1, 1848 in Switzerland Co., Margaret Storie Nov. 5, 1827-July 25, 1899, both buried Caledonia Cem. The family is listed 1850-1880 in the census for Craig Twp.
2. David Scott Feb. 10, 1827-Oct. 20, 1877, buried Jacksonville Cem., Jefferson Twp. Switzerland Co. He married on Jan. 30, 1850 in Jefferson Co., Jeannette Culbertson Aug. 4, 1832-Nov. 12, 1919, also buried Jacksonville Cem. She married 2nd Mar. 10, 1886 in Switzerland Co., Charles Ryan.
3. John Scott 1829-June 24, 1870 (age 41), buried Caledonia Cem. He married Mar. 8 1855 in Switzerland Co., Mary Harper. She lived 1880 Craig Twp., age 46. His father left each of John's three children $35 in Walter's will in Jefferson Co.
4. Ann Scott Apr.19, 1830-Dec. 18, 1870 She married on Feb. 15, 1850 in Switzerland Co., James Culbertson Sept. 21, 1821-May 14, 1907, both buried Caledonia Cem. They lived in Pleasant Twp.
5. Robert Scott 1833-1909 He married on Oct. 8, 1857 in Jefferson Co., Margaret Ralston Feb. 19, 1824-May 27, 1895, both buried Caledonia Cem. The family lived in Pleasant Twp.
6. James Scott June 1837-April 1922. He married on July 5, 1883 in Switzerland Co., Susan Wiseman Aug. 1850-Jan. 1938, both buried Vevay Cem. They lived 1910 census Jefferson Twp., Switzerland Co.

Addendum by Robert W. Scott

Walter Scott was probably not born in Edinburgh as he was christened 17 Aug. 1788 in Yetholm, which is in the county of Roxborough, near the English border. His family actually lived near the town of Jedburgh, whose named may have been confusing to the writer. 

Also, according to their tombstones, neither Walter's father, William Scott, nor his mother, Christian Stonehouse/Stenhouse Scott, lived to be 100. The lady's name is not Christiana. It is Christian, both on her tombstone in the Caledonia Cem., and in the christening records of three of their four children.