James Shaw,

merchant, Craig Township, was born in Scotland, August 5, 1814, and is a son of John Shaw. His boyhood was passsed upon the farm and was early inured to the hard labor of the farm in a new country. At the age of twenty-one he began life for himself on the farm which he followed till 1848, at which time he engaged in merchandising at Braytown. Subsequently he returned to the farm for nine years, then returned to the store business at the old stand where he is now engaged. He is postmaster of Craig postoffice. His first wife, Elizabeth Bonner, he married in 1847, by whom he had the following children, two of whom are living, viz.: Sallie, wife of John Andrews, and Albert; John F., Elizabeth and Jennie, deceased. Mrs. Shaw died in 1859. He married Lotta Weaver for his second wife, in 1861, who bore him four children: Perry, Ella, Harry C. and Nannie B. The first (sic) wife died, and for his third and last wife he married L.E. Weaver, sister of his second wife. Mr. Shaw is a strong advocate of the cause of temperance and has always taken a leading part in the warfare against the use and sale of intoxicants. He and his estimable wife are members of the Baptist Church, with which they have been connected fifteen years and both take an active part in all good works. He owns 174 acres of good land. His property at Braytown, a tasty dwelling, makes a desirable and pleasant home in which he is living surrounded by all the comforts of life. He is a Republican.