John L. Thiebaud,

proprietor of the oldest drug store of Vevay, was born in 1826. He received but a common school education, having been taken from school at the age of fourteen and put in a store as bookkeeper. In 1847 he opened up a drug store on a small scale, in a small room in the porch of his father's house, where he remained about three years. He then moved to the place where he now does business. In 1852 Mr. Thiebaud furnished capital for starting a dry goods store with James Harwood, but in 1854 he sold out, and has since dealt entirely in drugs. In 1857 he started a second drug store on Ferry Street, but closed the same two years later. In 1849 Mr. Thiebaud married Margaret J. McCallum, of Scotch parentage, and by this wife has three children: Charles O., Elizabeth O., and Hugh M., were born. In May, 1861, this wife passed away, and in October, 1863, he was married to Rizpah C. Bowers, a native of Dearborn County; there was born of this union a daughter, Mary E. In April, 1859, Mr. Thiebaud joined the Baptist Church, of which society both his first and second wife were members, and since that time he has endeavored to do his whole duty as a Christian. He has contributed considerably to religious and temperance papers, and made the educating of his children his chief aim in life. A Democrat all his life, in 1884 Mr. Thiebaud voted the Prohibition ticket, out of consistency with the principles he advocated. Mrs. Rizpah Thiebaud died in 1870, and Mary J. Johnson has since joined Mr. Thiebaud in marriage.