Justi Thiebaud,

retired farmer, Vevay. The old and successful veteran farmer whose name introduces this sketch was born in Switzerland July 7, 1813. His parents, Frederick L. and Harriet (Pater) Thiebaud, were also natives of Switzerland, the father born October 4, 1767, the mother April 15, 1777. They immigrated to America in 1817, locating in Craig Township, where they resided upon a farm till their respective deaths; the father's occurring December 24, 1846; the mother's June 7, 1844. They raised seven children, accumulated considerable property and were active consistent members of the Baptist Church. Justi Thiebaud has followed farming all his life. He was married June 6, 1839, to Miss Mary BANTA, who was born in Pleasant Township July 13, 1820, and by this happy union there were ten children: Harriet E., born April 6, 1840; Emily J., May 10, 1842; Frederick, August 14, 1844; Henry D., September 1, 1846, died June 14, 1863; Mary A., November 23, 1848; Charles, July 19, 1851; Benjamin F., December 28, 1853; Rodolph, May 28, 1856; Alice A., September 18, 1858; Morton D., April 7, 1861. Mr. Thiebaud retired from farming in the fall of 1882, and moved to Vevay, leaving 440 acres of valuable land in Craig Township. He and his estimable wife are members of the Baptist Church, and are peacefully enjoying the well earned reward of their long lives of self-sacrifice and industry.