Isaac Turner,

owner of wharf-boat and produce dealer, Vevay, was born in Craig Township, May 7, 1830. His parents, William and Tobitha (Pruett) Turner, were born in Virginia. They came to Indiana at an early date, and followed farming, being members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Isaac Turner followed agricultural pursuits up to 1854, then began trading, and flat-boating, at which he continued till 1861. He then formed a partnership with Samuel and J.K. Pleasants in the produce business, said partnership existing until after the war, when with James and Saul Wright, he located in Vicksburg where the firm dealt in flour, corn, onions, etc. for about two years. Theirs was the first flat-boat to land after the war. Mr. Turner returned to Vevay, and formed a partnership with Shaw & Rous, and boated, and traded for several years, then closed out and bought a farm in 1875, and followed agricultural pursuits for six years. Selling out, he returned to Vevay, and purchased the wharf-boat in 1883. Mr. Turner was married, October 1, 1861, to Miss Clara Lewis, a native of Vevay. Their seven children are Lena, Thomas, Susie, Charles, Clara, Pearl and George. Mrs. Turner is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Turner is a member of Phoenix Lodge, I.O.O.F., and an active, industrious and highly esteemed citizen.