William H. Vawter,

farmer, Posey Township, son of William Vawter, was born in Jefferson County, Ind., in 1832. He grew to maturity in his native county (to sixteen years of age), engaged in agricultural pursuits, and in 1848 came to this county and located in York Township where he remained one year, then removed to Posey where he has ever since resided. December 9, 1860, he married Margaret Garmore, daughter of Jacob Garmore, and by this wife has five children, all living: Wiliam, Benjamin, Jacob, Stephen and Fannie. William was married, in September, 1882 to Dillie Shaffer, daughter of C.B. Shaffer, and they have one child, Bertha. In his early years, Mr. Vawter was employed as farm hand at wages for about three years, and then purchased a team and farmed rented land till the fall of 1863, when he purchased eighty-seven acres of his present farm, to which he has added till he now owns 118 acres. He has succeeded fairly, and by industry, economy and good business management has gained a competency very creditable to his energy. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity; does a general farming business, keeping what stock the farm will support. He made his first trip to New Orleans in boating produce in 1855, and since that has made two others, one in 1858 and the last in 1878. Aside from this he has engaged entirely in the pursuit of agriculture.