Alfred Wade, 

Alfred Wade, farmer, Posey Township, one of the representative pioneers of this county, was born in Butler County, Ohio, near Middletown, in 1806. He came here with his parents in 1813. He grew up on a farm and remained with his parents till eighteen and then began working for himself, but made his home with his father for some years. He "cropped" four years with Joel Thurston, being engaged afterward in a woodyard owned by William Chamberlain, where he earned the money to buy his farm of 117 acres, purchasing the land of David Francis at $4 per acre. In 1833 he married Esther Campbell, daughter of John Campbell, and in the same year moved on the farm which has been his home to the present day. He spent two seasons with produce on the river and had once gone down as a hand in the same business. Since moving to his farm, however, he has continued in its cultivation, meeting with fair success. He added ninety acres to his original purchase, which he has divided to his sons, and has retired from active labor. Mr. and Mrs. Wade have six children: Mary, wife of Jabez Van Dorin, Kokomo, Ind.; George, resident of Mason, Ill., connected with salt works; Elijah, this township; Melvina, at home; Charles, this township; and Margaret, wife of Green L. Seaver, Tipton County, Ind. Mr. Wade has always followed the fortunes of the farm, and as a reward for their industry he and his wife find themselves well provided with a good home and plenty of the comforts of life.