George Wade,

a nephew of Elisha Wade, came down the river in the same flat-boat, bringing his family, consisting of wife (Hester Little) and four sons: Alexander, Alfred, Moses and Elijah. He lived the winter of 1813-14 in a squatter's cabin, where William North's residence now stands, south of Patriot. He afterward rented land in the bottoms, and in later years bought land on the hills. He was born in Fayette County, Penn., 1777, and with his parents, Alexander and Elizabeth (Moore) Wade, moved to Monongahela County, Va., where he grew up and married. In the spring of 1806 he came to Middleton, Ohio, where his uncles, Elisha and Thomas Wade had come several years before. In 1812 he came to this township, and died here in 1856; his widow in 1864, aged eighty-six. Their four daughters were Elkiah, Elizabeth, Margaret and Esther. All are now deceased, but Alfred, Moses and Margaret; Moses, now a resident of Champaign, Ill. Mrs. Wade was a Baptist and Mr. W. subsequently joined the same society.