Log Lick Cemetery

York Township
from Cemetery Lists by Wanda Morford

This cemetery is hard to get to a good part of the year because it is across Log Lick Creek. This creek is not always easy to cross because it has many drop offs. It is only about one tenth of a mile from the creek, once you manage to get across it.

Robert, a native of New Hampshire,    d. Oct. 21, 1836   aged 57 y 6 m 27 d
  ?    ,    d. May 15, 1836   aged 2 d - foot stone just has "K", top part of the stone is broken off and gone, but the last name                          is legible.

John,  son of W. W. & Mary,    d. Mar. 7, 1843   aged 3 y 8 m 13 d
William (H.)?,  son of W. W. & Mary,    d. Nov. 11, 1857   aged 8 m 8 d

Sarah,    b. Sep. 3, 1824    d. Mar. 13, 1873

Eliakim,    b. Sep. 8, 1854    d. Nov. 27, 1878
Nancy A., wife of R.,    b. Sep. 13, 1840   d. May 2, 1860
Oscar, son of R. & N. A.,    b. Mar. 22, 1859    d. May 22, 1859

Elizabeth,    b. Jul. 25, 1804    d. Sep. 25, 1877
Elizabeth,  dau. of R. & Elizabeth,    b. Dec. 16, 1835    d. Feb. 18, 1843
Rachel,  dau. of B. & Elizabeth,    b. Feb. 26, 1837    d. Feb. 18, 1843

Between the stones of John and William McCrary, is another stone the same size, but it is broken off. The other stones, with the
exception of the Kelso baby's, are all standing and in very good condition. There were only two field stones.