McNutt Cemetery

Posey Township
Recorded by Wanda Morford in 1980

This small family cemetery is on private property on Boone Robinson Road, seven tenths of a mile from Searcy Ridge Road. Collin, George, and Patterson's stones have the last name inscribed as M'Nutt. Att [sic] three are of sandstone and are the same shape. The carving appears to have been done by the same stone cutter. Ruth, wife of Collin, died in 1842 and her granite stone has the last name as McNutt, as are all of the other McNutts' stones.

Wm. E., d.  Aug. 1, 1864   aged 40 y 4 m 21 d


Collin, a native of Ireland, d.  Jan. 11, 1838 in the 68 year of his age
Ruth, wife of Collin, d. Dec. 10, 1842 in the 68 year of her age - broken off
Geo. W., a native of Penn. d.  Nov. 3, 1835 in the 25th year of his age
John N., b.  Apr. 12, 1839 d.  Jun. 16, 1918 - broken off
Lydia, wife of John, d.  Aug (31, 1871?),  down, broken, very worn
Oscar,  died in Tenn. whilst in the service of courtry Jun. 21, 1862,  aged 23 y 5 m 18 d - down
Patterson, a native of Penn. d.  Nov. 6, 1826 in the 19th year of his age
Peter D., b.  Mar. 23, 1833 d.  Sep. 24, 1905 - down
Sarah, b.  Jul. 7, 1886 aged 34 y 7 m
William, a native of Pennsylvania, d.  May 7, 1797 d.  Feb. 6, 1890  aged 92 y 9 m