Jefferson Township - 1813

The original copy of this voting list for Jefferson Township is in the possession of the Jefferson County Historical Society. At the time of the election, this area was part of Switzerland Co. The numbers are in the original list. Transcribed by Robert W. Scott

Voters Names
1. Charles Keith 23. David Golay Junior
2. Martin Adkinson 24. James Stuart
3. Louis Raymond 25. William Keith
4. John Tague 26. Jesse Atkinson
5. David Forrester 27. William Lock
6. Paul Froman 29. Petter Lock Senior
7. Petter Ming 29. John Kerr
8. Isaih Helston 30. Andreu Stpelton (first name?)
9. Stillwell Heady 31. Adam Klain
10. Louis Gex 32. John M. Johson
11. Nathan Peak 33. William Raill
12. David Golay 34. David Dufour
13. Wm. Brooks                           35. Louis Van Siebenthal
14. William Cotton                           36. John Keith
15. Petter Lock Junior                  37. John Francis Dufour
16. William Dotson                           38. Francis Siebenthal
17. Benjamin Lock                           39. Ralph Cotton Jr.
18. Peter Demaraes                  40. Solomon Nighswonger
19. H. Pickett                           41. Lou Oboussier
20. Nathan Lee                           42. Daniel Dufour
21. Josuhe Cann                           43. Elisee Golay
22. Louis Golay

We the Judges of an Election held at the House of John Daniel Morerod in Jefferson Township of Jefferson County the 1st Monday of November 1813 for the purpose of electing a Member of the Legislature of the Indiana Territory do Sertify that William Hendricks had twenty nine votes and Richard Hopkins had eight votes and Samuel Ryker had six votes.

_______ Geve ondre hour hind. [Sic. Given under our hand.] This first day of November 1813

Ralph Cotton
John Francis Siebenthal
Solomon Nighswonger