Scottish Immigrants in the Caledonia Settlement

Robert W. Scott

This census is meant as a guide to the immigrants from Scotland who settled in western Switzerland County and eastern Jefferson County, largely centered on Caledonia Presbyterian Church. However, a number were also members of the Pleasant Presbyterian Church. There were also some Seventh Day Baptists from Scotland in the Long Run area. These families were all known to have lived at some point in Pleasant Craig, Milton, or Shelby Townships. This is not intended as a complete list of migrants. Where known, it is intended to show where these families originated in Scotland, when they came to Indiana, and where they lived in the area.

Allen: Agnes native of Campbelltown (1784-1853) wife of Daniel Miller, per her tombstone at Caledonia, christened Jan. 14, 1784 in Campbelltown; Alexander, christened Dec. 17, 1805 in Campbelltown, Argyleshire, listed 1820 census in Pleasant Twp. died Switzerland County by 1857, Alexander entered 40 acres in the SE1⁄4 Section 10 Twp. 5N Range 12E on 1 Apr. 1833 (Near Moorefield);Robert born Argyleshire, (1781-1850), per his tombstone, christened Nov. 18, 1781 in Campbelltown, buried Caledonia Cemetery. He married July 1, 1828 in Jefferson County, Nancy (Agnes) Witherspoon. Agnes, Alexander and Robert are apparently all children of John Allen and Isabel Wilson, who christened them at Campbelltown. Also William Allen, age 33, born Ayr, Jan. 1804 to Liverpool, landed Nov. 1825 New York, per Jefferson County alien records.

Anderson: Andrew (ca. 1781-1848) born Bathgate, Linthico (sic), per tombstone inscription buried Caledonia, to America by 1813 per descendants to Shelby Twp. by 1840; John, (1788-1868), born Balshashire, Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Old Bethel Cem. Switzerland Co.; Mary (1791-1873) born Tirbet, Arguilshire, per tombstone inscription, buried Old Bethel Cem.

Andrew: Ann, born Scotland, 1792 per 1850 Switzerland County census. Lived in1850 with John Shaw; Elizabeth (1778-1863) wife of Alexander Allen, born Campbelltown, Argyleshire per tombstone inscription, married Allen on Dec. 17, 1805 in Campbelltown, buried Pleasant Cem.; John Andrew (1822-1892), born Paisley per his tombstone, buried Vevay Cemetery, lived 1850 Craig Twp.; William, born Scotland ca. 1827; Robert born Scotland, ca. 1830.

Bell: James, (ca 1788-1872) born in West Calder, Edinburgh County, per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem; John Bell to Shelby Twp. by 1840.

Bishop: Thomas born Scotland (1811-1880), buried Caledonia Cem. Came to U.S. in 1837. Received citizenship Trimble County, Ky.; registered as an alien Jefferson County in 1840. Lived Pleasant Ridge, Milton Twp.

Boyle: David. David Boyle, age 45, was a passenger of the ship, "Commerce," that landed July 17, 1823 in New York. He apparently accompanied the Glenns, who were on the same ship, to Indiana. A note on the Glenn family history by Mary Hill says that Agnes Boyle of Milton Township said that the mother of the Glenns who came to this country was a Boyle. Transcription of parish records for Dalry shows that David Glenn married Ann Boyle. Ann was probably a sister to David Boyle. David Boyle, age 45, and Ann Glenn age 50, landed at New York on July 17, 1823 on the ship "Commerce" from Greenock.

Brown: Alex, (ca. 1791-1882) buried Caledonia Cem.; John, emigrated 1802, born Farfar; John b. Scotland ca. 1810, lived 1850 Jefferson County, John age 55, 1837, born Harrison, Scotland, registered alien Jefferson County (not sure if this is same John); John Brown who died by July 7, 1838, owned land in NE1⁄4 SE1⁄4 Section 25 Range 5N Range 11E, his estate went to nephews, sons of a James Brown in Scotland, and apparently to sons of another brother.

Cameron, Donald, born Scotland ca. 1800, to U.S. by 1836 when he registered as an alien in Jefferson County. He taught school in Milton Twp.; lived 1840 Milton Twp. He witnessed the will of Samuel Welch, 1838 in Shelby Twp.

Clark: Mary, (ca. 1797-1875), born Argyleshire per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. She married William Culbertson in Scotland in 1818.

Cooper: James, (1802-date missing) born Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Zion Chapel Cem. Craig Twp.

Cowan: David (1799-1873), born in Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Brushy Fork Cem., 1840 Milton Twp.; Donald born Scotland ca. 1772 per 1850 Craig Twp. census, to U.S. 1816 with wife Janet, and children Jabez, Mary, John,and Margaret. Purchased land from Duncan McCullum on April 4, 1832 in E1⁄2 Section 18 Twp. 2N Range 3W (Switzerland Co. Deed Book E Page 35); Jane Cowan (1795-1872) widow of Peter Stewart, born Ayreshire, per tombstone inscription, buried Brushy Fork Cem.; John Cowan (1802-1865), buried Brushy Fork 1850 Craig Twp; Mary Cowan (1812-1889), born in Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried McCallum Cem., Switzerland Co.

Craig: John Sr. (1785-1859) born Renfrewshire per tombstone inscription, buried Fairmount Cem., lived Milton Twp. in 1834; John C. Craig, born Paisley, 1809-1852 buried Fairmont Cem. Is he same as John born Rumfreeshire, age 21 registered 1831 Jefferson County? Margaret B. (1790-1852), wife of John, buried Fairmount Cem; Robert (ca. 1790-1872) born Paisley, to U.S. 1817, lived Pittsburgh two years, Wheeling two years, to Madison, 1821 per his obituary. Patented land in Sec. 7 Twp 4N Range 12E on March 29, 1825; Robert 1830 Switzerland Co; William (1815-1861), buried Fairmount Cem.; Robert Jr. age 22, 1842. Born in Renfrewshire, he left Greenock, Scotland, and landed New York, on Dec. 12, 1839, according to his alien registration.

Cranston: Thomas b. 1838⁄39 from Scotland to Shelby Twp., Jefferson Co., by 1850 to Kansas about 1879.

Crawford: Agnes B. (1815-1886) born in Dalry, (widow of James, 2nd wife of Walter Scott); John (1842-1921) born Ayreshire; Margaret (1846-1925), wife of James Black. All to U..S. in 1856, according to John's biographical sketch. All buried Caledonia Cem. Agnes presented her letter from the United Presbyterian Church of Dalry on May 9, 1859 when she sought membership at Caledonia.

Cuddie: Catherine (1806-1894), born in Scotland per tombstone inscription; married first Andrew Anderson, second Daniel Miller, buried Caledonia Cem.

Culbertson: David, christened Dec. 22, 1803 in Campbelltown, died soon after coming to America, died after 1825, buried on brother's farm; James, (ca. 1798-1881) christened Aug. 11,1798 in Campbelltown, born Argyleshire, buried Caledonia Cem.; Samuel (1801-1890), christened June 21, 1801 in Campbelltown, buried Caledonia Cem; Robert, christened Feb. 27, 1785 in Campbelltown died before July 2, 1827 in Switzerland County; William, Christened July 21, 1791 in Argyleshire, to Switzerland County, all children of James Culbertson and Janet White, to Indiana about 1818. James Culbertson died Sept. 1821 and Janet White, died July 1834. They were buried on the farm of Samuel Culbertson and their remains were removed to Caledonia Cem. A stone was erected with no dates.

Dalgleish: John Sr., (ca. 1791-1867), native of Ayreshire per his tombstone inscription, buried Pleasant Cem., christened Jan. 30, 1791 in Kilmarnock, entered 40 acres NW1⁄4 SE1⁄4 Section 8 Twp. 4N Range 12E on 9 Oct. 1832; William (1812-1886), buried Brushy Fork Cem; All to U.S. about 1828

Dick: David, age 22, 1860 Craig Twp., born Scotland per census.

Dow: Joseph b. 1785 Perth to Jefferson County by 1819, Became a citizen in Switzerland County lived 1850 Jefferson Twp., Switzerland County, William (1795-Jan. 11, 1866), buried Caledonia Cem., from Scotland to Jefferson County by 1818, William Jr. entered 78.5 acres in the W1⁄2 NW1⁄2 Section 5 Twp. 4N Range 12E on Dec. 2, 1818.

Emery: (See Imrie).

Francis: Jennet (ca. 1802-1877) born Scotland, wife of John, per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia; John (1800-1882), born Glasgow per tombstone inscription died Somerset, Ky. buried Caledonia Cem., lived 1850 Jefferson County. to U.S. by Jan. 3, 1835.

Glasford: Hugh, born Scotland ca. 1810 per 1850 census; entered land in W1⁄2 NE1⁄4 Section 8 Twp. 4N Range 11E on Oct. 11, 1838; Listed 1840 Madison Twp. 1850 Shelby Twp.

Glenn: David Glenn, 60, Ann, age 50, Janet, 22, William, 16, James, 14, Ann, 11, and John, 10, arrived in New York on July 17, 1823 in New York on the ship "Commerce" from Greenock. It is not known if David and Ann came to Indiana. Their children: Ann Glenn (ca 1810-15 Dec. 1879, age 69 yrs) m. John Shaw; David Glenn, died between Apr. 22 and May 14, 1839 in Jefferson County; James Glenn (ca. 1808-March 19, 1838, age 29 years) born Ayreshire, Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia; Janet Glenn, (1797-1864) born Scotland, buried Caledonia m. Walter Scott; John, (ca. 1802-1872) born Ayreshire, buried Caledonia; Robert (ca. 1800-Dec. 8, 1881), buried Caledonia lived 1850 Switzerland County; William (1806-1888), born Dalry, per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. Robert entered land in Jefferson Co. NE1⁄4 NW1⁄4 Section 32 Twp. 5N Range 12 on March 15, 1825.

Gordon: John W. age 66 born Scotland per 1870 census, lived 1870 in Brooksburg.

Graham: Agnes, born West Calder, 1805-1848, buried Caledonia wife of Thomas Thompson; Agnes, 1778-1836 buried Caledonia; Alexander born Edinburghshire per tombstone inscription, 1776-1860 buried Caledonia, purchased land in Section 2 Twp. 4N Range 12E on Dec. 3, 1836, in Pleasant Twp. while living in Perrysburg, Ohio; lived 1850 Jefferson County, John Graham (1803-1889) born Edinburghshire per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem., William, age 27, born Scotland, registered as an alien in Jefferson County, May 1832

Grant: Collin, born Scotland, registered 1820 alien Jefferson Co., born Ross, Scotland, age 50, per alien registration 1823 in Jefferson County. Listed in the 1820 Switzerland County adjacent census Alexander Allen and James Sharp. Sold land in NW1⁄4 Section 33 Twp. 5N Range 12 to James Culbertson on Nov. 1, 1825 (Switzerland Co. Deed Book C Page 122)

Gray: Robert born Edinburghshire per tombstone transcription, (1786-1863), buried Caledonia Cem.; Robert purchased land from John and Susan Morton in the E1⁄2 SW1⁄4 Section 21 Twp. 5N Range 12E on June 28, 1826 (Switzerland Co. Deed Book C Page 320). William, born Edinburgh ca 1795, from Liverpool, Dec. 12, 1832, from N.Y. Feb. 14, 1833.

Gunnion: David, age 28, born Scotland per 1860 census, Pleasant Twp.

Harper: Alexander born Scotland ca. 1792 to New York 1826, lived Rockdale, Pa., to Switzerland County 1835; George b. Ayreshire, Scotland ca. 1798, to U.S. in 1817 (per descendant) lived 1830-50 Jefferson County, entered 80 acres E1⁄2 NE1⁄4 Section 17 Twp. 5N Range 12E on Aug. 2, 1832; Isabella born Scotland ca. 1798, wife of Alexander; John Harper, lived Milton Twp., then returned to Kilmarnock by 1825. Is he the same John Harper b. ca. 1783 in Ayreshire, arrived New York 1820 and filed intent to seek citizenship March 18, 1828 in Switzerland County, listed 1820 Jefferson County. John b. Ayr (probably Kilmarnock) ca. 1817; William b. Scotland ca. 1819 lived 1850 Jefferson County

Harvey: Jean, born Argyleshire (ca. 1798-1875), wife of James Culbertson, buried Caledonia Cem.

Horn: Rev. William, born Scotland, from Selkirk to Caledonia 1835, to Hanover area about 1847; Andrew Horne listed 1830 Jefferson Co. (born Scotland?)

Imrie (Emery): David (1782-1832), buried Caledonia Cem. David Emery voted in Madison Township on August 7, 1826. David and Polly Emery sold 80 acres to John Jennings W1⁄2 SE1⁄4 Section 33 Twp. 5N Range 12E on Nov. 16, 1827 (Switzerland Co. Deed Book C Page 438). .

Ingalls: Elizabeth (1815-1872) born Scotland, buried Caledonia, wife of Thomas Bishop; Chester Ingalls 1820 Jefferson County lived adjacent Thomas Witherspoon.

Irvin: David, (1790-1841) born Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. (but naturalization records say born Ireland) Patented land July 18, 1824. .

Jackson: John (1780⁄84-1871), born Renfrewshire per his tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. To U.S. via Philadelphia at unknown date. Applied for citizenship Switzerland County 1828; John entered 40 Acres SE⁄14 SE1⁄4 Section 17 Twp. 5N Range 12E on June 10, 1834. Jane Jackson presented letters from her church in Scotland to the Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Sept. 25, 1836.

Kirkwood: Hugh (ca. 1814-1856) buried Caledonia to Shelby Twp. by 1836; Agnes m. Robert Glenn before 1850, Hugh born in Scotland per the 1850 census.

Lang: Agnes, born Scotland, wife of Dr. William Ralston

Lawson: William (May 5, 1795-Oct. 10, 1873) born near Glasgow per his tombstone inscription, family cemetery, Milton Township; In 1822, he was 25 years old when he registered as an alien in Jefferson County; Robert Lawson, said he was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland and was age 21, when he registered as an alien in 1821 in Jefferson County. Probably also George Lawson, who owned land 1821 near Manville.

Lyon: William (died July 6, 1887, age 83), buried Pleasant Ridge Cem; son William A. born 1840 Aberdeen, Scotland, per his tombstone inscription; Margaret, wife William, died 24 June 1897, age 85, native of Scotland per her tombstone, also buried Pleasant Ridge. McCallum, also McCullom: Neil to Switzerland Co. by 1813; Duncan, John settled Long Run 1817-1820 per Perret Dufour. Duncan McCallum lived in Cincinnati on April 4, 1832 when he sold land in Switzerland County to Donald Cowan. (Book E Page 35): Mary, age 60 born Scotland, James age 28, 1850 Craig Twp.,

McCullough: James born Renrefewshire ca. 1791 lived Switzerland County 1850, registered Jefferson County, 1828, age 37, Robert, age 43, registered alien Jefferson County, 1828.

McCullock: George, age 65, merchant, born Scotland, 1850 Jefferson Twp., Switzerland County. Probably same name as McCullough, James, age 59, Merchant, born Scotland, lived 1850 Pleasant Twp.

McGregor: Alexander born Perth ca. 1794, registered as alien 1820 Jefferson Co, 1830 Jefferson Co. census; Thomas (1800-1856), native of Ayreshire per his tombstone inscription, buried Brushy Fork Baptist Church, entered land NE1⁄4SE1⁄4 Section 17 Twp. 5N Range 12E on June 10, 1834

McKeand: Adam, (1817-1869), born parish of Menigriff, Kirkcudbrightshire per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem.; to Shelby Twp. by 1840?

McKenzie: Donald, Came to US. about 1819, applied for citizenship October 1827 in Switzerland County; John (ca. 1798-1869) born in Scotland, applied for citizenship Switzerland County in October 1825.

Miller: Cornelius (ca, 1761-1844), born in Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem; Daniel (1788-1868), native of Edinburgh per his tombstone inscription, buried Pleasant Presbyterian Cem., lived 1830 Jefferson Co., 1840, Milton Twp. Entered SE1⁄4SE1⁄4 Section 8 Twp. 5N Range 12E on Sept. 21, 1832. Daniel Miller and wife Nancy presented letters to the Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Aug 31. 1833.

Morris: Helen, (ca. 1776-1832) wife of William Wilkie, born Leith per her tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. Married Wilkie on May 22, 1810 in St. Cuthbert's Parish, Edinburgh.

Morton: Andrew, born Edinburgh, emigrated1819; lived 1830 Jefferson County; James, born Hamburgh (per citizenship record, but probably an error) 1794-1871 buried Caledonia Cem; filed for citizenship 1823 (granted 1828) Switzerland County; Jane, born Scotland ca. 1793 wife of Robert Gray; John, born Scotland (1758-1832) buried Caledonia; Susan, born Scotland, wife of John, (1768-1864) buried Caledonia; Susan, 12 March 1804-28 Feb. 1883 (wife of Walter Weir) buried Monroe Cem.; William, born Scotland, (8 Feb. 1799-21 Aug. 1885) lived 1850 Pleasant Twp. buried Monroe Presbyterian Cem.

Muir: Jennet (1780-1872) born in Lanarkshire, per tombstone inscription, wife of Alexander Thompson, buried Caledonia Cem.

Neil: David, born Scotland 1829; James, b. Scotland, ca. 1800; Harriet born Scotland 1804, wife of Thomas; Thomas born Scotland 1796 lived 1850 Jefferson County. to U.S.? a David listed 1820 Jefferson County.

Ralston: Mathew (1798-1843), born Paisley, Renfrewshire, probably buried unmarked grave Milton Twp. to U.S. about 1818 to Jefferson County by 1821, Registered as an alien born Lanarkshire (sic) in 1822 (His baptism was in Paisley which is in Refrewshire); Matthew patented the E 1⁄4 SW 1⁄4 of Section 12 Twp. 4N Range 11E on Jan. 4, 1830. His uncle, Dr. William Ralston (1786⁄87-18690 emigrated 1825, born Paisley, lived Milton Twp., buried Springdale Cem.

Rennie: Edward, age 35, born in Scotland, per 1870 census; lived 1870 in house of John Graham in Milton Township.

Robertson: Marion, born Renrewshire, per tombstone inscription, ca. 1803-1839 wife of Robert Spiers, buried Caledonia Cem. George A., born Edinburg, Scotland, per tombstone inscription. (Mar. 18, 1826-July 8, 1894), buried Pleasant Ridge Cem.

Scott: Agnes, (ca. 1801-1871), christened Sept. 14, 1800 in Eckford, Roxborough, Scotland, buried Caledonia Cem., wife of William Dow; John Scott (1790-Oct. 3,1878), christened April 11, 1790, in Crailing, Roxborough, Scotland, buried Caledonia Cem. Filed for citizenship in 1827 Switzerland County; Margaret (1794-Oct. 26,. 1864) christened Oct. 18, 1794 in Eckford Scotland, buried Caledonia Cem., wife of Donald McKenzie; Walter (Aug. 5, 1787-Dec. 7, 1879) christened Aug. 17, 1788 in Yetholm, Roxborough, Scotland), buried Caledonia Cem. All four were children of William Scotland (1758-1855), and Christian Stenhouse (1750-1842), both buried Caledonia Cem. All to U.S. in 1818.

Sharp: James, (ca. 1788-1873) born Glasgow per tombstone inscription, buried Ebenezer Cem. Filed for citizenship in 1825 in Switzerland County, lived 1820 Pleasant Twp. 1850 Pleasant Twp. Switzerland County; Mary born Glasgow, 1819-1898, buried Slawson Cem., wife of _ Gribbon. John Sharp was secretary at formation of Caledonia Presbyterian Church, Aug. 7, 1827.

Shaw: James, (1814-1905) born in Paisley per tombstone transcription, buried Shaw Cem, Craig Twp.; John (1772-1867), born Paisley, Renfrewshire, to U.S. 1816, buried Shaw Cem. Switzerland County; Lizzie, born in Paisley (1798-1882) buried Shaw Cem.; William, born in Paisley (1802-1873), buried Vevay Cem.

Simpson: George b. Scotland per census, ca. 1795 to U.S. 1835-40, lived Pleasant Twp. 1850 died ca. 1855.

Sims: Thomas, age 39, M.D., 1850 Jefferson Twp., Switzerland County, born in Scotland according to the census.

Smith Anne (d. May 25, 1864 in her 78th year), wife of Walter Weir, born in Scotland, per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem.

Spears: Elizabeth, wife of John Shaw per birth record of son in Paisley and per History of Switzerland Co.; Robert Spears who moved to Iowa about 1856 was apparently an immigrant from Paisley, probably born ca. 1800.

Sterett: James (ca. 1787-1863) age 45, born Great Britain, when he registered in Jefferson County in 1832 as an alien; entered land Section 32 Twp. 5N Range 12E on Oct. 29, 1829, lived 1830, 1840 Milton Twp.; Jane (ca. 1819-1875) buried Caledonia Cem., wife of James Taylor; Jennet, b. Scotland ca. 1793, wife of James.

Stevenson: Alexander b. Scotland ca. 1794 per 1850 census, to Switzerland County by 1833; Hugh (ca. 1776-1848) born Dalry, Ayre, per tombstone transcription, buried Caledonia Cem, witnessed deed John Morton to Robert Gray, June 28, 1826 (Switzerland Co. Deed Book C Page 321); Consort of Hugh (first name obliterated) (d. May 24,1829, age 42 yrs), born Ayre, Scotland per tombstone inscription; Jean Stevenson (ca. 1806-1886), born Dalry, per tombstone transcription, wife of Samuel Culbertson, buried Caledonia; James, died September 1865 (brother of Robert George), buried Pleasant Cem. (per family Bible, unmarked grave); James, (1806-1886), son of Hugh? b. Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem.; Robert George, (1786-1867) born Glasgow, buried Pleasant, to New York, 1828 filed for citizenship 1829 Switzerland County Settled on Poplar Ridge, Shelby Twp. Entered 80 acres in E1⁄2 NW 1⁄4 of Section 8 Twp. 5N Range 12E in 1828. Another Robert, died Switzerland County 1840 where he left a will, calling Alexander his brother.

Storie: Jesse born Scotland 1816 lived 1850 Jefferson County; Margaret (1758-1841), wife of Thomas, buried Caledonia; Robert (1800-1831) born Renfrewshire, to Philadelphia then Switzerland County in 1816, died Switzerland County; Thomas, died 1831 Switzerland County; William (1825-1891) buried Caledonia;

Tait: John, (1776-1861) born Ayreshire Scotland (per tombstone inscription), christened on Feb. 12, 1776 in Tarbolton by parents, James and Jean Fulton Tait, emigrated 1818, to Switzerland Co.

Taylor: Christian, born Scotland, 1788 wife of Thomas Sr.; James, born Scotland (1811⁄12-1864), buried Caledonia; John born Scotland ca. 1815, Lucinda, born Scotland ca. 1823 lived 1850 Switzerland County; Thomas born Scotland 1787, to Jefferson County 1820 Jefferson County census; 1850 Jefferson County entered 78 acres in the E1⁄2 NW1⁄4 Section 7 Twp. 4N Range 12E June. 27, 1829; Thomas Taylor b. ca. 1811 Scotland, lived 1850 Milton Twp..

Thompson: Alexander (1784-1872), born Linthicoshire per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem; Alexander b. Scotland 1820 lived 1850 Switzerland County; Dougle, 1820 Jefferson County; Thomas (1810-1907), born Glasgow per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. To U.S. by Nov. 6, 1839

Wallace: Janet, native of Ayreshire, 1793-1881 buried Pleasant (w⁄Robert George Stevenson); William, possibly born Scotland, trustee at Caledonia

Wands: James b. Scotland ca. 1787 lived 1850 Shelby Twp.; Ellen b. Scotland ca. 1783 wife of James?

Weir: Hugh, b. 1795⁄96, emigrated 1820 from Renfrewshire; Jeanette (1811-1875) born Scotland, per tombstone inscription, wife of John Morton, buried Carmel Cem.; Walter,(d Oct. 9, 1847 in his 66th year) born West Calder, Midlothianshire per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia. Cem. To U.S. 1819 per his obituary. Lived 1830, Jefferson Co. 1840 Milton Twp. census.; William born Lanarkshire ca. 1791 to U.S. by 1827

Wilkie: Brothers, George, John and William to Switzerland County. George Wilkie patented 160 acres in the NE1⁄4 Section 34 Twp. 5N Range 12E on 3 Dec. 1818. -Elizabeth, widow of George swore that George died in the summer of 1823 per Switzerland Co. deeds; William, (ca. 1789-1831⁄32) born Queensferry, Scotland per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia Cem. Listed 1820 Jefferson County Census; Samuel 1820 Jefferson County. William Wilkie of Switzerland County, sold land in the E1⁄2 Section 34 Twp. 5N Range 12 to John Wilkie of Edinburgh, Scotland, no relation given, on Dec., 21, 1824 (Book B Page 552).

Wilson: Robert born Scotland, ca. 1823, lived in 1850 Switzerland County in the house of John Andrew,

Witherspoon: James, (1806-1883) born Paisley, Scotland, per tombstone inscription, buried Caledonia; Jennet, (ca. 1804-1864) born Scotland, buried Caledonia (married first Matthew Ralston, second John Graham), daughter of T&J. Witherspoon per tombstone; Nancy (1803-1874), wife of Robert Allen, buried Caledonia; Thomas (1766-1860) born Paisley, Renfrewshire, buried Caledonia Cem. All to Switzerland⁄Jefferson County, probably in 1818.