1850 United States Census Mortality Schedule

Persons who died between 1 Jun 1849 and 31 May 1850
Transcribed by Pat Asher, May 2013

Only part of Craig Township was found.  Enumerator David Henry included these remarks:
Total No 77 Deaths in my District to witt Pleasant, Craig & Cotton Townships. I have here assigned the name of the disease as the family deminated [sic] it -- Fever & Flux most fatal. The last Summer & Fall unusually healthy Ecepting Cholera which Lasted 2 w at Mt. Sterling 4 miles North of Vevay -- Very fatal during its prevalence.

Name Age Sex Color Marr.
or Wid.
of Birth
of Death
Township Occupation Cause of Death
Absolem Adams 44 M M KY Sep Pleasant Farmer Fever
James Alfrey 50 M M KY Feb Craig Farmer Bronchitus
James M. Althiser 13m M IN Aug Pleasant Croup
Lorana Althiser 8m F IN Sep Cotton Croup
Mary Armington 5 F IN May Jefferson Measles
Walter Armstrong 67 M M Ireland Jun Jefferson Farmer Dis. of Lungs
Mary E. Ball 3 F IN May Cotton S. Fever
Edgar Barton Twin 6h M IN Apr Cotton Unknown
Edwin Barton Twin 16d M IN Apr Cotton Unknown
Samuel Bayne 35 M M IN Nov Posey Palsey
Rose Bettens 3 F IN Jun Jefferson Pneumonia
Martha Bornand 9m F IN Apr Jefferson Measles
Mayberry Bowen 1m M B IN Dec Pleasant Unknown
John Bowgardner 27 M PA Apr York Burnt
Walter Brook 67 M M NC Feb Pleasant Farmer Smallpox
Mary Bruce 35 F KY May Cotton Consump.
Wm. Buchanan 29 M IN Apr Pleasant Student at
D & D Assylum
Lung F.
Eveline Buck 3 F IN Jul Posey Cholera
Phea Butlear 73 F W NY Nov Posey Old Age
Leah Carnine 8m F IN Jul Cotton Lung Inflamation
Elizabeth F. Christie 3w F IN Jan Pleasant Croup
Samuel Clarkson 45 M M NJ May Jefferson M. D. Drowned
John Clendening 8d M IN Apr Pleasant Unknown
Almira V. Cole 3 F IN Nov Pleasant Croup
Benjamin Cole 66 M M PA Aug Jefferson Farmer Cholera
Isaac Cole 9 M IN Sep Jefferson Cholr.
Jacob Cole 11 M IN Sep Jefferson Cholr.
Lavina Cole 40 F NY Mar Cotton Consump.
Sarah Combs 65 F W PA Feb Pleasant Consump.
Mary F. Craner 1 F IN Dec Posey In. Lungs
Martha J. Crawford 2 F IN Apr Jefferson
Joseph P. Culp 45 M M NY Oct Cotton R. Pilot Cholera
Samuel Cunningham's Babe 1d F IN Aug Cotton Unknown
William Darnell 20 M VA Jun Jefferson Brick Maker Flux
William Davis 30 M M IN Jun Posey Farmer Cholera
Martha Dehanbill 84 F W RI Jun Jefferson Old Age
Sarah Denton 19 F IN Nov Posey Cons.
Peter Dodson 28 M M OH Oct Posey Farmer Infln. Lungs
Eleanor Drake 25 F M IN Nov Pleasant Infl. Lungs
Mary Duglas 1m F IN Aug Posey Thrash
Eveline Dunn 5m F IN Jul Posey Br fev
Albert T. Dunning 35 M M NY Apr Cotton Farmer Consumpt.
Lafayette Dunning 3 M IN Oct Cotton Consumpt.
Joseph Edwards 7w M IN Jan Cotton Unknown
Monroe Edwards 2 M IN May Cotton Cholera Inf.
Catharine Ellis 31 F M IN Nov York Dropsy
Madison M. Falkner 4 M IN May Jefferson In. Lungs
Don L. Fergerson 11m M KY Jun Posey Spasms
Lafayet Ferrell 4 M IN Sep Jefferson Asthma
Emeline Fish 17 F IN May Pleasant Neuralga
Mary Fisher 2 F OH Aug Posey Inf. Lungs
Sarah Foote 24 F M IN Aug Posey Fits
George W. Fox 66 M M VA Apr Posey Farmer
Jerome B. Fraklin 27 M M OH Apr Pleasant Carpenter Consumption
Hugh Fredenburgh 2m M IN Nov Cotton Unknown
Jacob Garmere 19 M PA Feb Posey Farmer S. pox
Elizabeth R. Gilles 25 F M IN Aug Posey Cholera
Clementeen Gola 22 F M KY May Jefferson Erasipas
John Gowdy 17 M PA Apr York Burnt
John Graham 22 M IN Nov Pleasant Cooper Fever
Mary Gray 39 F M VA Sep Pleasant Miscarriage
Infant Grimes 1d M IN Mar Pleasant Unknown
James Grimes 18m M IN Mar Pleasant Unknown
Susan Gullion 13 F IN Feb York
Sarah Haden 5m F IN Jul Jefferson Infl. Brain
Denton Hammond 22 M M IN Jul Jefferson Farmer Cholera
Denton Hammond 21 M IN Jul Cotton Farmer Cholera
Babe Hankins 2d M IN Dec Craig Unknown
Amanda Harrison 24 F M IN Jun Jefferson Consump.
Peter Harry 47 M IN Sep Pleasant Fever
Adam Hays 41 M M PA Apr Pleasant Stone Mason Unknown
Sarah Hays 14m F IN Jul Pleasant Cholera Morb.
Delila Heath 7m F IN May Cotton Quinsy
Jane P. Henry 5 F OH Apr Jefferson Cong. Lungs
Alonzo Hervey 3m M IN Feb Cotton Smallpox
Wm. P. W. Hervey 35 M IN Feb Cotton Smallpox
Benjamin Hollister 65 M VT Feb Jefferson Farmer Inf. Bra.
Olive Houze 3m F IN Apr Cotton Unknown
William Howard 35 M M IN Jan Posey Thrash
Eli Jains 4m M IN Dec Jefferson Dis. Lungs
Mary J. Janes 1m F IN Feb Posey
Charles C. Jones 2m M IN Mar Jefferson In. Lungs
James W. Kapp 34 M M IN Dec Jefferson Farmer Cholera
Nathan Keith 36 M M IN May York Drownded
Thomas Kent 2m M IN Jul Cotton Cholera Inf.
Calvin Rutter Kerr 8 M IN Jul Pleasant Flux
Caroline Jane Kerr 10 F IN Jul Pleasant Flux
Hibernia V. Kerr 3 F IN Jul Pleasant Flux
Anthony LaClare 37 M M OH Mar Pleasant Farmer Drownded
Henry Lanham 88 M W MD Nov Pleasant Farmer Old Age
Charlotte Lewis 1m F IN Jun Jefferson
Peter Lock 84 M W Unknown Apr Pleasant Farmer Old Age
James Lomerex 12 M IN Jun Posey Cholera
Martha Lyons 51 F M OH Mar Cotton Unknown
Ira N. Malin 3 M IN Jan Jefferson In. Bowel
Infant Margus 6m F IN Sep Jefferson
Maxwell F. Marques 38 M IN Dec Jefferson Bricklayer, Brick Mason Cong. Fvr.
Ann E. Mars 2 F IN Sep Jefferson Cholr.
Joseph Mars 35 M M IN Aug Jefferson Cholr.
Clem McCollough 21 M M IN Mar Jefferson Farmer Cholera
Douglas McCorkle 43 M W KY Mar York Farmer Consump.
Azeriah McCullum 35 M M PA Jun Pleasant Carpenter Consump.
David E. Mead 3 M IN Jan Posey Br fev.
David W. Mead 20 M NY Sep Pleasant Farmer Brochitus
Jane Meder 75 F W Switzerland Jul Craig Cholera Morb.
John L Meralt 1 M IN Jun Jefferson Croup
John Miles 20 M IN Mar Cotton Farmer Fever
May E. Miles 15 F IN Mar Cotton Fever
Wm. Miles 10 M IN Mar Cotton Fever
Orpha Miller 16 F IN Apr Pleasant Fever
Opheila J. Mix 5m F IN Jul Jefferson Thresh
Bathsheba Mordock 22 F M NY Nov Posey I. B.
Thomas Mounts 85 M W PA Aug Posey Farmer Cholera
Len Murphy's Babe 1d M IN Sep Cotton Unknown
Harriet Myers 3 F IN Apr Cotton Inflam. Lungs
Joel Myers 50 M M VA Dec Cotton Farmer Fever
Mary Nobl 22 F M OH Jun Posey C B fev
Rosa Nobl 1 F IN Jun Posey In. Lungs
Royal F. North 60 M M PA May Posey Farmer Dropsy B--
William O'Neal 31 M M KY May Jefferson Farmer Consumption
Christoph Pealman 7m M IN Feb Jefferson In. Lungs
Mary L. Peters 15 F IN Sep Craig Consump.
Mary A. Phew 1 F KY Aug Jefferson In. Head
William Philips 23 M IN Mar York Farmer Consump.
Babe Phillips 1d M IN Aug Pleasant Unknown
Salem Pocock 5m M IN Jan Posey Croup
Susanna Poston 32 F M KY Feb Pleasant Dropsy
Barnett W. Redel 32 M IN Mar Jefferson Carpenter Dis. Liver
Johnithan Roberson 71 M M VT May York Farmer Rheumatism
Sarah E. Sample 6d F IN Mar Pleasant Croup
Marion L. Sampson 7 M IN May Posey Flux
Alice C. Schenck 1 F IN NA Jefferson In. Lungs
Lucinda Schenk 38 F M IN Jan Jefferson Ab.
Henry Scudder 12 M IN Feb York Hooping C.
John A. Seymour 3 M IN Mar Cotton Lung Fever
Infant Sharp 1d M IN Mar Pleasant Hives
Martha A. Sheen 7 F IN Feb Jefferson In. B.
Benjamin A. Sisson 65 M M NY May York Farmer Cholera
Silas Smith 76 M W NY Sep Pleasant Farmer Old Age
Oliver A. Steeplton 4 M IN May Jefferson Mesles
Aliken Stevens 3m M IN May York H. Cough
Isaac Stevens 8m M IN Jun Jefferson Fever
George M. Stewart 3 M IN May York Hooping C.
David Stoops 20 M IN May Cotton Farmer T. Fever
George Stoops 26 M IN Apr Cotton Carpenter T. Fever
Harriet M. Stringham 25 F PA Sep Jefferson Consumption
James Sullivan 1 M IN Sep Jefferson Bowel Comp.
Samuel Tague 9m M IN Oct Cotton Unknown
John W. Talbry 39 M M KY Oct Jefferson M. D. Dispipsia
James W. Tapp 34 M IN Dec Farmer Cholera
Backey Taylor 3 M IN Jul Jefferson Flux
James W. Twiner 6 M IN Aug Pleasant Cholera Inft.
Wm. Vanantwerp 16m M IN Sep Pleasant Flux
Susan F. Vanasdoll 6m F IN Sep Jefferson Croup
John L. Vandever 17m M IN Jul Pleasant Cholera Inft.
Cranston Taylor Voris 3 M IN Aug Pleasant Flux
Scott B. Voris 1 M IN Oct Pleasant Enlargement of Liver
James Walters 15 M IN Sep York Farmer Cholera
Nancy Welch 11m F KY Jul Jefferson Erasipas
Sarah Welch 11m F KY Jul Jefferson Erasipas
Joseph White 1m M IN Nov York Cholera
Stephen White 63 M M VA Jun Posey Farmer Cholr.
Alfred F. Whitney 18 M VT Nov Jefferson Boatman S. Pox
Lucy A. Whitney 42 F M VT Jun Jefferson Cholera
William Wiley 22 M IN Nov York Farmer Cholera
Martha E. Williams 1m F OH Mar York Thrash
Washington Williams 2m M OH Jun York Measles
Johnithan Wilson 21 M NC Sep York Wagon -- Consump.
Laurence M. Winthiser 1m M IN Jul Jefferson Cholyoler
Mary Winthiser 22 F IN Jul Jefferson Pluersy