1860 U. S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule
Switzerland County

June 1, 1859 through May 31, 1860
From the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry

Cotton Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
Andrew J. Pulman 14 Ind.        Aug. White swelling 5 days
W. G. Pate 2/12 Ind. Apr. Fever 2 days
Vina P. Cunningham 36 md.     Ind. Apr. Tumour of bowels 15 days
Melissa Barkis 21 md Ind. Apr. Consumption 15 days
Marietta Wells 15 Ind. Feb. Consumption 15 days
Eliz. Ricketts 77 wd. Va. Nov. Old age 8 days
Wm. Sedan 16 Ind. May Farmer Killed by horse instant
Hugh McLauglin 100 Ireland May Old age sudden
Geo. W. Seymour 1 Ind. Nov. Scrofulla sudden
Lorin B. Stowe 21 Ind. Apr. Farmer Tyfoid Fever 12 days
Lorinda Washer 53 NY. Dec. Burned to death 1 day
Abba Washer 25 Ind. Dec. Burned to death 1 day
Laura Schofield 2 Ohio Aug. Congestion of Brain 4 days
Emeline Ricketts 3/12 Ind. Jan. Unknown ---
Mary L. Richmond 3 Ind. Nov. Inflamation of bowels ---
Rosana J. Robbins 8/12 Ind. July Head complaint 7 days
Oliver Morrison 2 Ind. July Scarlet Fever 1 day
Dwaight R. Peabody 5/12 Ind. June Fever 11 days
Lewella C. Tibbetts 8/12 Maine July Canker 20 days
Mary Richmond 6/12 Ind. Feb. Unknown ---
Lucy Adams 22 md. Ind. Aug. Confined 10 days
Clara Dana 4 Ind. May Scarlet Fever 11 days
Hugh Tinker 25 Ind. Jan. Wagonmaker Consumption 40 days
Nancy Gibbs 31 md. Ind. June Dropsy 7 days
John Moore 44 md. Ind. Mar. Farmer Unknown  14 days
Wm. Titus Oaks 4 Ind. May Putrid sore throat 4 days
Loren Hide 5/12 Ind. Nov. Croup 1 day
Nathaniel Bright 6/12 Ind Dec. Brain Fever ---
Sarah J. Harris 27 md. NY. Dec. Consumption 8 months
Johnson Tague 42 md. Ind. May Cooper Liver complaint 4 days
Rosa H. Brush 4/12 Ind. Feb. Unknown 5 days
Jane Rasner (?) 33 Germany Jan. Dropsy 5 days

Craig Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
Charlotte A. Leap 22 md. Ohio Dec. Consumption 15months
Fred S, Lavering 8/12 Ind. Jan. Scarlet Fever 2 weeks
Susan Garner 5 Ind. Oct. Croup 8 days
female Lewellen 1/12 Ind. Mar. Hives 6 days
Ella Miller 3 Ind. May Diptheria 23 days
Ira Allen Hines 6 Ind. Feb. Diptheria 15 days
Eliza. Gray 9 Ind. Feb. Diptheria 9 days
Zachery T. Reed 12 Ind.  Nov. Inflamatory Rheumatism 17 days
John Reed 57 Ohio Apr. Cabinet maker Pneumonia 10 days
Janes Peters 11 Ind. Mar. Diptheria 4 days
Eugene Peters 11 Ind. Apr. Diptheria 19 days
Josephine Peters 3 Ind. Mar. Diptheria 9 days
Selena Peters 3 Ind. Apr. Diptheria 9 days
Mary Johnson 66 VA. Mar. Pneumonia 10 days
David L. Trowbridge 9 Ind. Apr. Diptheria 8 days
James S. M. McClanahan 10 Ind. June Unknown 11 days
Elijah H. Brindley 31 md. Ind. Aug. Farmer Consumption unknown
Sarah W. Raney 9 Ind. Oct. Typhoid 12 days
Sallie W. Stratford 3/12 Ind. Apr. Unknown 7 hours
Nancy McKay 25 md. Ind. June Child bearing 8 days
George W. Jones 1/12 Ind. Jan. Brain Fever 1 week
Eliz. Proctor 66 md. GA. Feb. Heart Disease 3 weeks

Pleasant Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
Matilda Farrell 20         Ind. Jan.  Typhoid 1 week
Thomas McCulloch 1/12 Ind. Feb. Inflamation of lungs 4 days
Sarah Lewis 77 wd.   Unknown Sep. Heart disease 9 weeks
Thomas Witherspoon 93 wd. Scotland Feb.   Farmer Old age 2 weeks
Clarissa Rail 1/12 Ind. July Brain disease 4 weeks
Joseph Bascom 32 md. Ind. Feb. Farmer Consumption 1 year
Rachel Day 59 md. Ind. Mar. Unknown 6 months
Owen Owens 68 md. England July Flux 2 weeks
David Mead 66 md NY. Aug. Cabinet maker Consumption 12 months
Amanda J. Curry 1/12 Ind. Nov. Inflamation of the brain 6 days
Sarah Eads 2 Ind. Mar. Erysipelas 2 weeks
John W. Rogers 1 Ind. Aug. Flux 3 days
David Henry 9/12 Ind. Feb. Croup 1 day
Matilda Griffin 16 Ind. June Consumption 3 months
Nathan Griffin 7/12 Ind. Mar. Inflamed lungs 2 weeks
Jane Griffin 14 Ind. Apr. Consumption 8 months
Cath. Dunance 47 Scotland Oct. Consumption 2 months
Mary E. Shuck 65 md. KY. June Consumption 7 months
Anna Miller 71 NJ. June Old Age 4 months
Taylor Welch 8/12 Ind. July Cholera infantum 9 months
Levi G. Owen 11/12 Ind. Aug. Bowel complaint 5 weeks
male Cole 1 Ind. Mar. Kings evil 2 weeks
Rose Ann Betts 5 Ind. Apr. Diptheria 3 days
Rebecca J. Marquis 2 Ind. Aug. Flux 7 days
Eliz. T. Olmsted 6 Ind. Sep. Flux 7 days
Ellen Oren 32 md. Ind. Nov. Neuralgia 6 months
Alonzo Sanderford 8 Iowa May Deptheria 3 weeks

Jefferson Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
John M. Riley 3 Ind. Feb. Scarlet Fever 3 months
Eunice Butler 30 Ind. Oct. Consumption 6 weeks
female Cox 1/12 Ind. Dec. Unknown 4 hours
Charles Hammond 6/12 Ind. Mar. Inflamation of lungs 2 weeks
Samantha B. Holdcroft 11/12 Ind. Feb. Lung Consumption 6 weeks
Rhoda Holdcroft 36 md. Ind. May Consumption 3 months
male Bodie 1/12 Ind. Apr. Phthisic (or Phthisis?) 2 days
Marion Smith 9/12 Ind. Sep. Cholera infantum during life
male Jones 1/12 Ind. Feb. Lung fever 1 week
Incy M. Scandreth 1/12 Ind. July Cholera infantum 2 days
female Schaffner 3/12 Ind. July Unknown 1 week
Eveline Ann Todd 1 Ind. June Scarlet Fever 1 week
Alexander McHenry 29 Ohio Mar. Fits 1 week
male Cline 2/12 Ind. Oct Cholera infantum 1 day
George Heineman 82 Werner-Saxon
Jan. Farmer Old Age 2 weeks
John M.cMakin 1       Ind. May Scarlet Fever 5 days
Susan Fallis 33 md. KY. Jan. Consumption 3 months
Matilda R. Hadan 4 Ind. Dec. Whooping cough 2 weeks
William Haden 2 Ind. Aug. Flux 1 week
John M. Estil 1 KY. Apr. Measles 23 days
Olive Bell Boright 5 Ind. July Scarlet Fever 2 days
Joseph Noble 4 Ind. Dec. Unknown 10 days
Bettie Norrisey 3 Ind. Dec. Scarlet Fever 8 days

Town of Vevay (Jefferson Township)
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
Isaac Lamunyon 20 Ohio Oct. Common Laborer Disease of bowels 3 days
male Bryson 1/12 Ind. May Heart disease 1 day
Fanny F. Plew 2 Ind Oct. Summer Complaint 4 weeks
Mordica Rayburn 4 Ind. May Measles 2 weeks
William Noble 11/12 Ind. Aug. Brain Fever 10 days
Robert S. Cotten 2 Ind. July Summer Complaint 2 weeks
Emeline Bovard 17 Ind. Oct. Consumption 9 weeks
Antionette Dickison 24 wd. Ind. Dec. Consumption 3 days
Albert Peelman 1 Ind. Aug. Lung Fever 4 weeks
John Murphy 16 Ireland Dec. Common Laborer Accidental Scalding 1 day
Mary E. McCorkle 3/12 Ind. Mar. Croup 1 week
Sarah Eblen 45 md. Ind. Aug. Lung Disease 7 months
Scott Eblen 2/12 Ind. Aug. Summer complaint 3 weeks
Eliz. Knox 69 md. KY. Mar. Consumption 2 weeks

Posey Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
Ira Vandoren 4 Ind. Feb. Scarlet Fever ---
J. L. Maredock (male) 43 md. Ind. Jan. Blacksmith Consumption 2 years
James Mead 68 NY. Feb. Farmer Lung Fever 9 days
Nathan Henning 70 PA. Feb. Carpenter Inflamation of bowels 3 days
W. E. Yarnett (male) 1/12 Ind. June Unknown sudden
Calvin W. Ruter 65 wd. Vermont June Methodist Clergyman Disease of heart fell dead
Abel H. Douglass 30 md. Ind. Dec. Farmer Falling of a tree 1 day
Emily Campbell 5 Ind. Mar. Scarlet Fever 5 days
male Wagle 2/12 Ind. Aug. Inflamation of brain 6 days
Wm. E. Sanders 4 Ind. Mar. Lung Fever 11 days
Peter Baddean 31 Switzerland June Farmer Fever 20 days
Jane Baddean 60 md. Switzerland May Asthma 90 days
Lewella Campbell 3 Ind. Oct. Flux 15 days
Anna L. Howe 1/12 Ind. May Convulsions 2 days
Celia A. Wade 13 Ind. Dec. Consumption 2 years
James Davis 85 NY. Sep. Farmer Flux 20 days
Francis Green Larrison (female) 21 md. Ind. Sep. Fever 15 days
Maria Ferguson 34 md. PA. Mar. Congested lungs 11 days

York Township
Name Age Mar.
Occupation Cause of Death Days ill
John Burton 8/12 Ind. Apr. Scarlet fever 1 day
Daniel C. Robinson 3 Ind. May Inflamation of brain 20 days
Anna Bonnell 1/12 Ind. Oct. Fever 3 days
Wm. Bennett 54 md. Tenn. Dec. Farmer Drowned ---
Richardson McCrary 4 Ind. Jan. Inflamation of bowels 11 days
Eliz. Wiley 24 md. KY. May Fever 11 days
Christena Scudder 30 md. Ind. Mar. Unknown 2 days
Georgian Miller 8 Ind. June Scarlet Fever 10 days
Oliver Gullion 1 Ind. Aug. Scarlet Fever 10 days
Martha J. Gullion 26 md. Ind. Apr Inflamation of bowels 7 days
Geo. Brison 5 Ind. Nov. Croup 2 days
Sarah Bell Brison 1 Ind. Nov. Croup 3 days
Wm. Moore 58 md. Ohio Apr. Disease of heart 3 years
Bruce Philips 5 Ind. June Kidney disease 7 days
Sarah McFadden 5 Ind. May Black tongue 4 days
Fredrick Dipper 2 KY. Aug. Scarlet Fever 5 days
Seth White 30 KY. Feb. Consumption 3 years
James Hastie 78 Scotland Oct. Astma 7 days
James Snider 37 md. Ohio Apr. Consumption 20 days
Wm. H. Stuart 20 Ind. Jan. Fits 3 months
Sidney Bledsoe 22 KY. Mar. Consumption 2 months