Switzerland County Post Offices

The list was derived from two major sources. One is a list of Jefferson and Switzerland County post offices prepared in 1925 by a Dr. Newton D. Mereness from records in Indianapolis (although not stated where.) It was transcribed by Miss Mary Hill and typed on May 5, 1955. The other is a work of incredible detail, The Postal History of Indiana by Leonard Hartman, published in 1976. These two sources largely agree, but I have reconciled some differences. I have also added the township in which each post office operated when I could ascertain it.

Location of post offices during the 1800s is a tricky question. In the country, post offices were generally operated by people who owned other public facilities such as stores, mills, and blacksmith shops. Most often, a country postmaster was also a store operator. When the postmaster changed, it seems likely that the post office location changed for many country post offices. The sections listed for some post office locations may not be true for all periods of a post office’s operation. It is a mistake to assume that the existence of a post office indicates the existence of a town or settlement.

Corrections welcome. -- Robert W. Scott, August 2000

Aaron: Pleasant Township. June 26, 1871-April 15, 1907 (Mail to Bennington).
First postmaster Charles G. Adams.

Allensville: Cotton Township. Established June 3, 1823, first post master George Richmond; Service changed to East Enterprise Feb. 6, 1864, changed back to Allensville April 19, 1864. Discontinued Sept. 30, 1908.

Antioch: Posey Township. June 18, 1894-May 14, 1904.
First post master William Bunger.

Ash's Landing: Craig Township. May 17, 1848-Oct. 25, 1848

Bennington: Pleasant Township. July 11, 1848 (from Slawson).
First postmaster William H. Iddings.

Center Square: Jefferson Township. See Mt. Stirling.

Craig: Craig Township. Sept. 18, 1849-April 15, 1907 (mail to Vevay).
First postmaster Nicholas Vineyard.

East Enterprise: Cotton Township. 6 Feb. 1864, changed from Allensville. Changed back to Allensville Feb 15, 1864. Changed back to Easter Enterprise March 1, 1865. First postmaster Philander S. Sage.

Fairview: Cotton Township. See Sugar Branch.

Gardner: Pleasant Township. June 18, 1902-April 15, 1907 (to Bennington).
First postmaster William H. Lewis.

Grants Creek: Posey Township. Established June 17, 1831. First postmaster Royal F. North; changed to North’s Landing March 27, 1866; Nathan H. North post master. Changed to North June 2, 1894. [This last information is puzzling.]

Jacksonville: Jefferson Township. July 29, 1841-Jan. 30, 1867. First postmaster George McCullock. Changed to Center Square..

Jay: Pleasant Township. March 18, 1884-April 30, 1906 (Mail to Canaan).
First post master Isaac N. Paugh.

Jersey: Cotton Township. 7July 15, 1889-Oct. 24, 1895. First postmaster George W. Livingston. (Mail to Sugar Branch.)

Lamb: Craig Township. May 3, 1882-Aug. 31, 1907 (Mail to Vevay).
First postmaster William H. Lamb.

Log Lick: York Township. June 15, 1849-Oct. 28, 1858.
First postmaster Samuel Blair.

Long Run: Craig Township. March 13, 1874-April 15, 1907 (Mail to Vevay).
First postmaster Samuel Porter.

Markland: York Township. Established Nov. 24, 1873.
First post master Wesley McHenry.

Moorefield: Pleasant Township. Jan. 5, 1813-May 8, 1838; June 20, 1838-June 30, 1916 (Mail to Brooksburg). First postmaster John G. Anderson.

Mount Stirling. Jefferson Township. Established April 1819. First postmaster Alexander B. McRae. (This may be an error by Miss Hill. She has this as changed to Tuckersville, Crawford Co.) Re-established (or established for the first time) June 1824, First postmaster Samuel Beal. Changed to Jacksonville July 29, 1842, post master Alfred Shaw; name changed to Center Square Jan. 20, 1867. Discontinued April 15, 1907. (Mail to Vevay)

New York: York Township. Established July 20, 1834, changed to Florence Apr. 28, 1847. First postmaster William Campbell.

North’s Landing: Posey Township. See Grant’s Creek.

Patriot: Posey Township. Established March 15, 1827. First postmaster Bela Herrick.

Pleasant: Pleasant Township. Feb. 27, 1829-Dec. 15, 1917 (to Vevay).
First post master Henry Banta.

Printer’s Retreat: Jefferson Township? Dec. 18, 1826-Oct. 4, 1832. First postmaster William C. Keen. Dec. 4, 1833-Sept. 22, 1837, William C. Keen postmaster.

Quercus Grove: Posey Township. Sept. 29, 1822-June 30, 1905. First postmaster John Green. (Mail to Rising Sun.)

Rutherford: Sept. 20, 1852-Jan. 5, 1864. First postmaster Isaac Nash.

Shull: Jefferson Township? Sept. 13, 1897-Oct. 29, 1898.
First postmaster Griffeth Dickerson

Slawson: Pleasant Twp. March 3, 1838-July 11, 1848 (Mail to Bennington).
First postmaster Joseph Tarkington.

Sugar Branch: Cotton Twp. Sept. 27, 1835. First postmaster Hugh S. Montgomery. Named changed to Fairview Sept. 16, 1911.

Vevay: Jefferson Township March 23, 1810-Oct. 1, 1814, then from Dec. 11, 1816 on. First postmaster John F. Dufour.

Vineyard: Craig Township. April 29, 1880-Aug. 27, 1887. First postmaster John D. Banta; Jan. 18, 1888-Feb. 15, 1905. (to Vevay.) Postmaster James A. Claghorn.