Admitted to Practice Law:

CIVIL ORDER BOOK #4, 1820 - 1823

      pg.  396   June 1822
             Thomas Douglass and Nathaniel Hunt.

      pg.  137   Feb. 15, 1821;
             J.F.D. Lanier

      pg.  Feb. 1821
             Stephen Welcher, Jr.

      pg.  443   June 1822
             Daniel B. Week

Doctor of Medicine:

Submitted by Martha Richards < maseattle@copper.net >

From The Village Register, West-Union, Adams Co. Ohio, Tues. 27 Mar 1826
Vol. III #144 pg 3 [microfilm # 34944 from the Historical Society of Ohio]

*Medical College of Ohio* -- The Commencement of the Medical College of Ohio, was held on the 14th inst. in the Chapel of the Cincinnati College. The ceremony was opened by a prayer from the Rev. Martin RUTER, D. D. one of the Trustees; after which Samuel RAMSEY, M. D., the President, proceeded to confer the degree of Doctor of Medicine on each of the following seventeen gentlemen, who had been previously examined and approved by the Faculty; and had each written and defended the Inaugural Dissertation, of which the title is annexed to his respective name....

William B. CHAMBERLAIN, Switzerland county, Indiana, on Gastritis

After the Degrees had been conferred, the Rev. Dr. RUTER delivered to the Graduates an eloquent and impressive address, and closed the exercises of the day by prayer. *Nat. Republican*