East Enterprise School

This school was located on Highway 56 at where the old service station now stands. I attended this school in the late forties. You will note that apparently some work had been done on the school between the pictures. Some have wooden shutters and one doesn't. The teachers were well known. Mr. Woodson Porter and Miss Susie Orem. I may not be right on the spelling of Miss Susie.

I'm interested in the old schools of Switzerland County, and would enjoy hearing from anyone who attended one, or has information about them. My parents, Herschel Gullion and Irene Dickerson, are in some of the following pictures. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows any of the other students in the pictures.  --Fred Gullion

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#1 October 21, 1930
Mr. Woodson Portor, Teacher
Wilma Riley
Junior House
Ernie Lockwood
Wilford Fish
Ernie Chase
Wilma Elrod
A. Lockwood
Carol House
Juanita Chase
Herschell Gullion
Lealan Lockwood
M. Kirpatrick
Mary Lakeman
Wilbur Lakeman
Teed Bovard
Mrytle Carf
Wilma Bott
Elwood Lockwood
Barbara Madison
Lalan Woods
Irene Dickerson
Katharine Peters

Mr. Ligh Wylie, Teacher.
Robert Fish
Carol Fish
A. McCurry
Robert Conner
Veryl Gullion
Wilma Fish
Carolyn McCurry
Alma Lockwood
A. Lockwood
Carol Hopper
Jake Chase
Stowe Bovard
Kenneth Bovard
Herschel Gullion
James Chase

#3               Year ?
Teacher, Miss Susie Arm
Irene Dickerson

#4          1931
Teacher ?
Irene Dickerson