Pavy Photos

Home of Tressie Pavy and her husband Francis Zearing at 915 West Main St., Madison, IN. circa 1920 - left to right:

Paul Lee Smith (boy in rocker)
Standing behind rocker - boy's mother, Elsie Pavy Smith
Tressie Pavy Zearing
Lou Ella Tilley
Eva Pavy Schiphorst, w/o Herman Schiphorst of Madison, IN.
Grover Smith, father of boy in rocker
Fred Tilley in swing with Francis Zearing
(identity of other people unknown)

Submitter Unknown

Pavy Family. [Description of picture by Mary Cox]
Grandpa (John David Pavy) & Grandma lived out in the country in Switz. Co. most of their married life. (The pic does not look like that house.) Grpa moved into Vevay in later years, so the house is probably in Vevay... note the sidewalk If not grpa's house, then most likely the home of Aunt Betty & Uncle Bill Bennett. Uncle Bill was a butcher in Vevay at one time. I know Grpa Absalom Pavy lived with Aunt Betty at one time.
Left to right: Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Pavy, w⁄o William Bennett;
Evaline (Eva) Pavy, wife of Herman Schiphorst;
Lavine (Viney) Pavy, w/o William (Bill) Higgins;
William Higgins;
Tressie Pavy, w/o Francis Zearing (she later m. A. Wylie Wilson); Tressie Pavy had no children.
Elsie Pavy, w/o Grover Smith and my parents.
Grandpa John David Pavy is holding a baby.
The two taller girls with hair bows are Mable and Kathryn Higgins, d/o Aunt Lavina.
The boy in the striped suit is my brother Paul Lee Smith, born November, 1915.
Thus, we can date the picture at about 1919. The other children I cannot identify.