Will of John Anderson

Anderson, John, of Craig Twp., commonly called Irish.
Will: 28 Mar 1845. 
Probate: 24 Jul 1845.
Executors: James Anderson, son and William Hall, friend.
Wit: John M. King, Edward Patton, Charles Henderson.
Son -Alexander B. Anderson; Daughter -Hannah, who is intermarried  ⁄w John B. Shaw; Daughter -Martha, who is intermarried /w William Haskill; Daughter -Elizabeth, who is intermarried /w James G. Bellemy; Son -John Anderson, Jr.: all of who has married and left me have each received that portion of my estate in land and chattels that will be coming to them when an equal distribution of the residue of my estate is made among my other children except my son -John Anderson, Jr. whose land has been measured off to him but is not yet deeded to him which I require my executors to do as soon after my decease as practical.

Son -James Anderson: shall have the home farm that is to say all the land on the south side of a runn leading from the State Road north of Ebenezer Haffords to intersect long term? at or near John Anderson, Jr. except the portions heretofore by me given to my sons Alexander B. Anderson and John Anderson, Jr.

Son -James Anderson: the brass family clock on condition that the said James Anderson pay all the debts that I am owing at the time supposed to be about two hundred dollars, and comfortably support myself and his mother (my wife) during our natural lives, with all the comforts and conveniences that are declining years may require.

Son -E___? Augustus Anderson: one wooden clock, one feathered bed, bed head and bedding. Also, all the land except what I have given to my other children, and 50 acres of land by me sold to one Augustus Welsh on the north side of a runn leading from the State Road north of Ebenezer Hafford, to intersect Long Runn at or near John Anderson, Jr.'s, the proceeds of which land after my decease, I desire the executors of this my last will and testament to apply to his support and schooling until he shall arrive at his majority that is until he shall arrive at the age of 21 yrs at which time he is to come into full possession and enjoyment of the same.
My personal property such as horses, horned cattle, hogs, sheep, farming utensils, and household furniture, except the articles above mentioned and bequeathed to my other heirs be sold... the proceeds... equally divided between my two daughters -Sarah P. Anderson, who is intermarried ⁄w Augustus S. Wheeler and now residing in Cincinnati, Ohio and -Margaret Anderson, who is intermarried/w Eli Shaw who now lives in Ohio, near Sandusky. The proceeds of said land be laid out in wild lands together/w the debts that may be due me at my decease and equally divided between my two said daughters... my will that my said executors confer/w my said daughters as to where they would desire to have said devise vested as above mentioned, and to make the investment accordingly.

I wish the executors... to distinctly understand that no part of my personal estate is to be sold... until the decease of my beloved wife, Jane Anderson if she should survive me, but is to remain for her use and benefit until it shall please God to remove her hence.