Will of Robert R. Andrews

Andrews, Robert R.
Will: 20 Mar 1831. 
Probate: 15 Aug 1831.
Executor: Eden Edward Andrews.
Wit: John K. Walker, Jared H. Scofield.

To be sold by the executor: bay horse, sorrel mare, 2 year old colt, plough and gear, and all singular, farming utensils and all cattle, hogs and sheep, except one cow, and four sheep. The money arising from the same be applied to complete the pmt for the west half of the SE quarter of S2 in T3, R3W which I purchased from Aaron Brown, and to pay all my debts.

Wife, Mariah: singular furniture... to be appraised and that my wife, Mariah, be privileged to select from the same such articles as she may choose to the full amount one thrice of such appraised value.

The remaining 2/3 to be sold and the money arising from the same to be from time to time expendece in equal proportions between my three sons, William, James and Eden Edward for the use and benefit... education and other necessities..."

Wife, Mariah: one cow, four sheep and a woman saddle; fifty acres to be taken off the SE of the east half of the SE quarter of S2 T3 R3W.

Three sons, William, James and Eden Edward Andrews: the balance of said quarter section to be equally divided between them when the said William arriving at the age of 21 years and desire that guardians be appointed for the said James - and Eden Edward to choose and divide the same for them...

Son, William: my iron gray mare colt.