Will of Henry Banta

Banta, Henry Esq., of Pleasant Twp.
Will: 5 Aug 1837.
Probate: 11 Nov 1837.
Executor: Moses R. Banta, son.
Joint and Special Executors: Son-in-law John W. Beckley, and son Washington Banta -to attend to and convey into efftect... the maintenance and support of my wife Nancy Banta.
Wit: James F. Hukell, Alexander Allen, Sr., Philip Harmer

Wife -Nancy: mansion house, the yard garden and improvements; 100 dollars worth of my personal property selected by her at its appraised value; her maintenance over and above her own labor...

Son -Moses R. Banta: 82 1/2 acres... being a part NE quarter of S15 T5 R12E Jefferson District... supposed to contain 20 acres for which I hold title, bonds on Jesse Miles and Gabriel Voris and said Miles and Voris are required to make... the said Moses R. Banta is duly authorized to receive titles for said land in his own name also so much on the SE quarter of S10 Town and Range as aforesaid as will complete the quanity of the 82 1/2 acres beginning on the south line of S10 40 poles east of the SE corner thence to abt 20 poles to the corner of the Orchard, thence east /w the orchard fence across the state rd and continuing the same course /w the meadow fence so far that a due north line to the northern boundry of quarter section will make and include on the right hand side of said line from the beginning corner to the northern boundry of said quarter section 82 1/2 acres of land including the 20 acres thereabout in S15.

Daughter -Nancy Dodds: the whole of the balance of the said SE quarter S10 not given to my son Moses R. Banta estimated to contain 80 acres, the following conditions are applied, Moses R. Banta and Nancy Dodds are equally bound to support Nancy Banta. Also Moses is to pay in five years after my decease unto my sons Washington Banta the sum of 35 dollars and the said Nancy Dodds to pay Washington A. Banta the sum of 25 dollars... last condition is that neither Moses or Nancy are authorized to sell or dispose of their respective gifts during the lifetime of wife Nancy Banta and if either or both should leave the premises above named the part of the land so left shall be rented out and its proceeds applied to the benefit of wife Nancy Banta, and neither of them shall have any control over the premises during my wife's lifetime.

Five daughters -Mary Ellis, Martha Voyles, Nancy Dodds, Keziah Voris and Margaret Beckley: the respective amts of property they each received of me as their marriage outfit, estimated at 40 dollars each.

Four daughters -Mary Ellis, Martha Voyles, Keziah Voris and Margaret Beckley: one bed each

Wife -Nancy Banta: all the residue of my estate (after paying all debts).