Will of Samuel Beal

Beal, Samuel Esq.
Will: 9 May 1839. 
Probate: 21 Oct 1839.
Executrix: Mary Beal.
Executors: Lewis Wheat Beal, John Andrew Beal, Samuel Lewis Beal (when he becomes of age).
Wit: Israel R. Whitehead, I.L. Armington, Eliza B. Armington.

Wife -Mary Beal: the use of rents and profits of my whole estate, both real and personal, as long as she remains my widow and no longer, but should she think proper to be married to another man, in that case, I give... Mary Beal 60 dollars exclusive of her wearing apparel to be selected by her out of any property that I may leave at the appraised value thereof.

Heir(s) of my deceased son William Bingham Beal: one dollar to be paid within six mos. after my decease by my executors if demanded.

After the death or marriage of Mary Beal, I give... all the balance of my estate... except the aforesaid one dollar unto my four children towit; Lewis Wheat Beal, Eliza Lydia Beal, John Andrew Beal and Samuel Lewis Beal to be divided equally between them.